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Published on February 12th, 2014 | by hirschtv


CratzBox – the ultimate Couch Saver!

If your Cats prefer to use your furniture….here is the solution:

THE CratzBox


Malm dresser goes Hollywood Regency
Billy Standing Desk

The Author

4 Responses to CratzBox – the ultimate Couch Saver!

  1. Tsu Dho Nimh says:

    (the EXPEDIT replacement doesn’t have a single box like this, so you are probably out of luck anyway)

    It’s pretty obvious … Attach self-stick carpet tiles to the “top” and inside the “bottom” of that box, trimmed if necessary.

    Wrap the rope around one side of the box, hot-gluing it in place.

  2. hirschtv says:

    2. 2 Carpet tiles
    2. 40m sisal rope
    3. hot glue to fix the rope
    4. 4 felt pads (for the bottom of the box)

  3. Emily says:


  4. Denis says:


    I like your box, it’s a nice idea!
    Would you be so kind and show or tell us how you created this one? :)


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