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Published on February 24th, 2014 | by Thomas Herre


Cheers! It’s an Illuminated Bar


We wanted a cool bar for a corner of our “library room” (you remember the Gigantic Expedit-Bookcase?). As all prefab bar-furnitures did not fit our needs and/or were too expensive, we decided to build one of our own.

Step 1: Find a free corner.


Step 2: Buy wall cabinets (because of the lower depth of 33 cm) + interior + legs. For the barkeeper-side we selected the Abstrakt white gloss front. For the barstool-side we got the Askvit glass front doors. We used two 60cm-cabinets and one 40cm-cabinet.


Step 3: Assembling of the cabinet. Bond them to each other with at least 4 screws. The white side of the back board has to be outside!


Step 4: Integration of the drawer. We only connected the lower drawer to the door and used internal drawers for the second level.


Step 5: Anchor it to the wall. Firmly! We used 8 screws, as our drunk friends will lean against the bar!


Step 6: Adjust the workplate. We used one from a DIY-store and had it cut at the store.


Step 7: Prepare the Aksvit doors for the mounting: four 14 mm drillholes in each corner.


Step 8: Glue LED-bars (we used the color-changing type) to the inner frame of the Aksvit doors.


Step 9: Screws on the backside of the cabinets are used to mount (clip in) the glass doors. The cables of the LED-bars are passed through the holes of the back board. We also covered the holes with white duct tape.


Step 10: First test. Fixation of the work plate. We added an more work space by mounting 3 brackets and a small work plate on the countertop.


Step 11: Fill it up. Here you see, that there was only space for one upper level drawer, as the bottles have to stand upright.


Step 12: Add bar lamps and barstools. Select the LED illumination color to your liking. Done!

Dragan Plant Pot
Can you believe it’s not wood lampshade
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3 Responses to Cheers! It’s an Illuminated Bar

  1. Jonas says:

    Hi Thomas,

    can you maybe post some more info, like a “buy-list”?

    Viele Gruesse

  2. bullethead says:

    Seriously, a buy list would be greatly appreciated. Would like to build this in the very near future.

  3. dragonberry4 dragonberry4 says:

    Your bar is absolutely gorgeous! Very chic with the lighting.

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