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Published on February 4th, 2014 | by Stefania


Another Besta cat litter under the stairs



  • besta shelf unit 60x40x38 cm
  • besta shelf unit 60x40x64 cm
  • 2 doors
  • 1 sheet of coroplast or polionda

Description: I was inspired by other posts about cat litters so I decided to hack one for my living room.

These are two besta cabinets, both 60cm width and 40 cm deep; but one is 40cm high and the other one is 60cm so I could put it under the stairs.
I just cut three holes in the sides of the cabinets as shown below.


entry view:


Inside I put a little carpet in the first cabinet to keep the sand inside and avoid it to go everywhere.

In the second “room” I built the litter box with a coroplast  sheet. I made it the same dimensions as the interior of cabinet.


Below the scheme to cut and fold the coroplast sheet

After you cut and fold it, just use a stapler o a strong glue to keep together.


I put inside an automatic light so, when they come in, the light turns on.

They love their litter very much and sometimes they even sleep in the first cabinet!



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19 Responses to Another Besta cat litter under the stairs

  1. Thomas says:

    Where I live corrugated plastic sheets aren’t really a thing, so I was wondering if you could give me the measurements of the box you made so I can try to find similar, premade one?

    • Stefania says:

      The measures are 48×38 cm.
      But it’s very strange that you can’t find the sheets. Where do you live?
      Anyway you can use any kind of litterbox, although is a bit smaller than the cabinet.

    • Stefania says:

      Sorry for mistake.
      The measures ar 58x38cm (and not 48)

      • Thomas Tvete says:

        Thanks for the fast reply (and sorry I didn’t see it until now….)
        Anyway, I live in Norway, and I’ve looked everywhere and the only sheets of corrugated plastic I can find are huge and used for roofing or something. Anyway, I bought a big plastic box at IKEA that I’m going to cut down to size, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m building the litter box right now, actually :P

  2. Sarah says:

    This is amazing!
    We are terrible at DIY but would love it if we could pay someone to make us one! How would we
    Go about this?

    • Stefania says:

      It’s very simple.
      First of all you need to drill 4 holes in the 4 corners.
      Then put the saw blade in one hole and cut to the next hole and so on.
      that’s all!
      If you want to refine the hole, stick on a pre-glued melaminic strip of the same colour of the case.
      You can use also a cat flap to keep the hole closed.
      enjoy :)

  3. Jameel says:

    Can you provide more information about the light please? I really love this idea!

  4. Suzanne Melton says:

    I assume the shelf units are particle board. Did you drill holes in the four corners and then use a saw? I’ve been thinking of cutting into a shelf but Ikea says it’s not “possible” to do a clean job with particle board.

    Also, the inside edges of the openings look really nice. Did you prime and paint or find something to glue onto the cut surface?

    Great job!

    • stefiza says:

      I just drilled one hole and, from that, I cut with a hacksaw making a circle. After I finished the corners.
      I didn’t paint, I used a pre-glued melaminic strip.
      Thank’s :)

  5. Rob says:

    Hi, I have a Besta litter box cabinet as well. One question I had was what did you use to fill in the gaps after you cut the hole? The Besta has an empty space between the two panels.

  6. tjbron says:

    Good idea to put a light inside!
    What is the container on top with cat food in it?

  7. stefiza says:

    No, i bought it from
    You can find it on google by typing “soft touch track mat”

  8. Marianne says:

    But what is the ribbed “matt” outside the litterbox – is it an IKEA thing too?

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