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Published on February 25th, 2014 | by Jules Yap


A wood makeover for Lack coffee table


Things we need:
1) Ikea lack table (of course!) – I removed the bottom plank
2) Strong hold glue for wood
3) A Saw (to cut the planks exactly the size of the table top)
4) Wooden planks (I got these from Daiso for $2 each)
5) Hammer and some nails
6) Paints (I tried using acrylics, they worked great!)
7) Acrylic fixative (had one lying at home)
8) A medium to sand the wood planks

1) I started off by sanding the wood planks (the top and sides only);

2) Then I stained the wooden planks (they were the lightest shade of natural wood) with some acrylic paints (I had paints at home and mixed a few different colors to give different stains on every plank; no two planks have the exact same tone of color which is what I wanted). The planks dried up within a few minutes but I let them dry for 2-3 hours;

3) I cleaned the Ikea lack table top and sanded it lightly.

4) I laid out the planks on the top to see what works and used the saw to make any changes in sizes.


5) Then I glued the planks to the table top and put heavy books on it. Let it rest for the night (I was too impatient and only let it rest for 2 hours!)

6) I hammered nails randomly on the table top (I liked the whole industrial look so put the nails in haphazardly)

7) I wanted to give it a personal touch so ‘named’ the table “circa 1984″- wrote it by hand, no stencil, with soft pastels. Then I sprayed with an Acrylic fixative. Three months so far and very roughly used and shows no signs of damage/wear&tear to the color or the hand written name :)


8) Voila! A new table for the lounge!

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One Response to A wood makeover for Lack coffee table

  1. Hsk says:

    Yes, Daiso is a Japanese brand with everything at $2 (the saw I got was $2 too!) But these planks should be available in any arts and crafts store or a store similar to Home Depot.

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