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Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Pedro


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I wanted a not-so-serious library with some space to hide my stuff and at the same time, to showcase other items. I had enough space in front of it to have a big picture. In other way, it can be a little bit “massive”.

I work teaching computer courses and it could be allegorical of it.

Superposing Expedit modules created an array of cubes that is possible to color by using doors, drawers, boxes and any other stuff. Tetris schema is exactly what I was looking for.

It could be the easiest hack of an Ikea furniture. Only imagination to sort the different modules and an idea to show. No modifications of any module.

Ikea Lack TV Stand Makeover
And the winners are …

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9 Responses to [email protected]

  1. Pedro says:

    The TLR print: photo over Besta. Really, not a hack.

  2. Pedro says:

    I didn’t have any problem with the screws. Actually the screws I used were the original ones and I didn’t have any problem.

  3. Pedro says:

    I’m agree with all comments. It is not a real modification but a (original?) combination. Anyway, it is funny!

  4. Lúcia Roque says:

    Hi. Simple question: how did you screw the doors next to each other?

    The nails that come with the doors are too big to screw without touching the other door screws, but too small to screw the two doors at once.

  5. Ali68c says:

    Maybe why this post is in ‘ideas’ rather than ‘hacks’?!

  6. winnie says:

    Een heel gezellige en vrolijke kast op deze manier. Erg leuk.

  7. Roraz says:

    How are they fixed together, or are they fixed to the wall? Would imagine they could fall down?

  8. jeryelliott says:

    Not a hack … nice to look at and expansive use of the units providing a design idea … but this is what they are designed to do.

  9. Carina says:

    In fact I would like to see more of the TLR print you have :-)

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