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Published on January 30th, 2014 | by Kicki Rosvall


Metod in the living room


Video games and other good storage in this TV bench built of Metod, normally used to be placed on top of refrigerator and freezer. To get a nice countertop we ordered three pcs of glass. The doors, Jutis, was attached with hinges, Utrusta, so the door is folded down at the opening to enable easy access to the cabinets. The other four cabinets with Veddinge doors are equipped with Utrusta push and openers.

rsz_1dsc_0302 rsz_dsc_0303 rsz_dsc_0306

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15 Responses to Metod in the living room

  1. Rui says:

    Hi, I’ve done something similar but I’m also facing the problem of limiting the max angle of the hinge, my door is really close to the ground… Any thoughts?

  2. Jaume says:

    Hi! how did you do to limit the max angle of the hinge? In the second pic seems to be almost horizontal but in the first looks like facing down.


  3. Kicki Rosvall says:

    Cabinets are of course meant to be over the fridge and freezer so they are vented into the design. Remote control did not work through the cabinet door.

  4. Kicki Rosvall says:

    This link goes to facebook there I have one more photo, please look.

  5. ratio says:

    I absolutely love it! I was thinking about something like this myself, and the white Jutis glass doors are my favorite.

  6. FL Mom says:

    Kicki Rosvall: (I don’t know why the ‘reply’ feature only sometimes works correctly.) It could be that CR was just surprised by the appearance of your living room –not passing judgment. I also thought that particular wall looked like a typical kitchen arrangement because of the small window. It’s neither good nor bad, just different from what I’m used to seeing in a living room. Anyway, your new cabinets are very nice and seem like they’ll be great for keeping the room tidy. As for the game controllers working through the glass: it’s not necessary because in order for heat to vent properly, the game unit shouldn’t remain in a closed space during play.

  7. Kicki Rosvall says:

    To Joerg – It works with wireless Controls through the glass :)

  8. Kicki Rosvall says:

    To CR – Sorry you don’t like it. It is a game and play room with a large sofa bed on the opposite wall and everyone do not have the same taste, but we think the room is really nice.

  9. Kicki Rosvall says:

    Joerg – About the remote Controls – I’m not the one who usually plays. I will check it out!

  10. Kicki Rosvall says:

    About the remote Controls – I’m not the one who usually plays. I will check it out!

  11. Kicki Rosvall says:

    Thank’s PT!

  12. Kicki Rosvall says:


  13. CR says:

    Your living room looks like a kitchen.

  14. PT says:

    And in case ppl here in Ikeahackers don’t know, Metod is the new Ikea kitchen series which will replace Faktum. Don’t know what happens in US/CA, where you have Akurum.


  15. Joerg says:

    Great idea! Are the remote controls working through the glass?

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