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Published on January 24th, 2014 | by JC Braithwaite


Loft Playhouse Bed


While putting my 3 year old daughter to bed, she asked me to tell her a story about Christmas from my memory. I told her about a playhouse my dad built in our basement. She said she wanted a playhouse. We live in Florida and do not have a basement, so I got creative.

She already had the Hemnes daybed. We have 10′ ceilings- so I built up. We bought a Stora full sized loft bed and cut 7″ off the legs. We raised the support bars to clear the bed. We used 2 stair step and 1 flat Trofast storage (pine) to form stairs. We reinforced with plywood and 2X4 posts at the ends. I used wainscoting I got for $10 a sheet at Habitat for Humanity Thrift store, to box the interior and exterior.

943056_10202584518069709_1277958365_n inside of playhouse upstairs of playhouse 1497777_10202584517549696_120085046_n

We bought fence posts from Home Depot and a hand rail from Habitat for Humanity thrift store to make the railing. The threshold for the door was made from the unused pieces from the ladder and railing from the loft. I found shadow box picture frames for .50 each at a flea market and used them for the upstairs windows. The shutters are picture frames with stenciled foam core. The window boxes are ice bins from Walmart that I stenciled. The panels with the windows on the bottom are easily removed because they are on a track made with L shaped molding. Those windows are made of dollar store picture frames. The lower bed part is nice because she has a great shelf (and I have secret storage in the dead space between the wall and the edge of the bed. The curtain is a skirt I got for $1 at a thrift store. For the upstairs floor we used MDF and carpet we had left over from our house. The “roof” opens to the ceiling but the top of the walls are capped with vinyl guttering turned upside down ($5 for 10′ @ Home Depot) I carpeted the stairs with Home Depot runner carpet.

She loves it and it is big enough for a table and chairs, bean bag, book shelf and baby doll high chair. As she gets older, she will be able to turn it into a hang out area. I went with black and white and then accented it with the round black and white rug from Ikea.

She loves it and I love all of the storage.

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5 Responses to Loft Playhouse Bed

  1. joshelyn says:

    Amazing! how do you build up the frame for the upstairs room? And how did you attach the window frames to the walls. Can I have the plans pls? Thanks!

  2. farah says:

    Hi there! Gorgeous hack… just a couple of do you build up the frame for the upstairs room? And how didyou attach the window frames to the walls. Thanks!

  3. Teresa says:

    OMG. That is incredible! I’m totally jealous of your 10′ ceilings. I always wanted to do a loft for my son but never had enough headspace.

  4. Michele says:

    That’s incredible! Great job!

  5. ReeBo says:

    very cool.
    my daughter would love it. It’s a pity that her room is too small.

    Greets from Germany

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