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Published on January 7th, 2014 | by Daniel


Large Desk with Besta

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My wife wanted a large desk for our office. After finding this site and others I decided to see what I could do with Ikea products. I used the 47″ Besta Frame and 25″ Besta Frame in black brown. Covered them with the Vassbo doors. Used four Linnmon 47″ table tops with legs.

I then used small metal strips to attach each table top to the adjoining one, and metal brackets to attach the table tops to the storage units for overall stability. I may anchor it to the wall, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The one issue I ran into is the height of the Besta units compared to the table tops and legs. There is a 2.25″ difference. So I made my own feet for the units. I went to my local home store and bought 1.75″ furniture feet (called bun feet). They have a screw already in them but I removed that. Then I bought some small half inch thick 4″ wide boards and cut them into small squares. Glued the squares to the feet; spray painted them black and nailed the square to the bottom of the Besta frame and with some margin for error in my carpeted room, it came out great. I was going to use the Linnmon corner table but it would not fit with my design, so I just went with the normal table tops.

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3 Responses to Large Desk with Besta

  1. Richard Dumont says:

    I already use Besta frames along with a Besta Desk to create a workstation where I use 5 monitors. I was having a problem with getting enough space and your idea solves that for me THANKS!!

    PS as far as the height problem, I use the chrome frames under my Besta frames (with legs) and it gets my frames at exactly standard desk height. (even with the besta desk)

  2. Daniel says:

    @sk. In my local home store, in the “hardware” section where all the screws and nuts are, they had a drawer that they called Hobby parts or Hobby craft. In those drawers were the small metal brackets I used. Some where flat with 6 to 8 holes, the others were at a 90 degree angle so I could attach the tables to the Besta units. I believe I used 1/2 wood screws to attach the brackets. The stability is great. I don’t have kids or anything, so no one is climbing on them, but they have been great for my wife and I. I thought about the kitchen countertop, but would probably still have to do some cuts, and I wanted to avoid that, but I thought about the kitchen cabinets for a deeper storage unit, but I think the besta units worked great.

  3. SK says:

    How were the Linnmon tops so seamlessly secured? And considering they’re hollow on the inside how is the stability? Was thinking of doing the same with Akurum cabinets and countertop for rigidity, deeper cabinets and height.

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