Console Ikea Rast makeover

Published on January 22nd, 2014 | by oheverythinghandmade


Ikea Rast hallway makeover

Ikea Rast makeover

While I love vintage and rustic furniture, the love for modern chic can’t be topped. I had two of the Ikea Rast chest drawers that I was planing on using in our hallway. The inspiration came from another project that I had completed a few months prior.

Ikea Rast Baby room

Our hallway felt so empty that I got started on this project right away, and it only took me one day to complete! Here are a few steps I took to complete the hallway unit.

Hallway before
Attaching both units

Bottom base



You can find some more pictures and instructions + material here.

BESTA Window Seat for Little Girl Room
Rast Hack, Wall-Mounted Mini Mandal Dresser
We will be moving. Don’t miss any hacks.
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  1. I adore the incredibly dark paint. I will be moving into my first “100% mine” place in a month, and I would love to do a makeover on an Ikea Rast. They’re SO affordable and I love the idea to use one as a hallway landing pad. They’re the perfect size, and a major +1 for extra storage.

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