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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Luis Correia


Making an arcade out of a FÖRSIKTIG children’s stool

arcade2 arcade1

A joystick, four buttons, a Raspberry Pi, and one arcade button to usb adapter.

Add a FÖRSIKTIG, a 5V wall charger and a HDMI cable and you have the perfect portable arcade machine.

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The Author

Luis Correia

Linux e-vangelist & developer, part time hacker, electronics wizz, biker and all around explorer. In love with technology since 1982.

2 Responses to Making an arcade out of a FÖRSIKTIG children’s stool

  1. johannex says:

    Not easy… if you are noob with linux. I never managed to install Mame on my Raspberry Pi.

  2. dutchman says:

    Hi I LOVE IT,

    please post a how to.

    Greetings form the Netherlands.

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