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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by gtsabag


Ikea Hacked Standing Desk

My Ikea Hack Standing Desk

For weeks, I’ve been looking at various ideas for “hacking” a standing desk to add to my standard office desk, and last week I finally did it! I didn’t use the LACK table idea because I’m barely 5’5″ and it would be too tall. Instead I took two EKBY MOSSBY stainless steel shelves and added CAPITA stainless legs to make the platforms for the screen and the keyboard. (I used these shelves because the steel is wrapped around all four edges, whereas the wood shelves are unfinished on one long side and I didn’t want to paint).

The taller shelf measures 46 7/8″ x 11″ to which I added four 8″ CAPITA legs and the keyboard rests on the 31 1/8″ x 7 1/2″ shelf plus four 4″ legs. It’s sturdy and sharp looking. Now I just need to get the cushioned mat to stand on and I’ll be set. Love it!

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  1. Suze says:

    My first stand up desk was a bit of an Ikea hack too. It actually was a desk that you could set at a higher level with wooden pegs just not an ideal height for most people. I only had to add a stand for my monitor to get it up high enough so that it was at the right height to my eye level. I’m a bit shorter than most so the desk was at the right height for my arms to have enough support to be comfortable.

  2. buyer says:

    i just removed the end cap of ikea desk leg and added a PVC joint and PVC pipe extension.i get regular desk surface with additional height.

    total cost : $12

  3. TND says:

    Where did you get the EKBY MOSSBY shelves?

  4. YOYD says:

    This looks awesome but I’m still a little confused about how you attached the legs. In looking at the Capita legs on IKEA, it looks like they attach to a platform you then need to screw into the surface they support. Assuming you didn’t drive any screws into the aluminum shelves, did you just glue them down? Or are there screw holes on the bottom of the shelf where they can be attached?

  5. GTsabag says:

    It’s been four months since I started using this desk, and now I can’t imagine going back to sitting for long periods. I actually feel much more productive. I’ve not suffered any wrist discomfort, though I did bring in an extra pair of super comfy and supportive shoes (a pair of Merrell slip on’s) to don on days when fashion dictates I wear shoes not conducive to all-day standing.

  6. Aussie Ikea Hacker says:

    As someone who hacked a standing desk myself, I will say, there’s going to be discomfort with any sit to stand conversion for the first few weeks. I found the greatest discomfort for about the first 3 weeks and mostly in the calves, but the ability to move helps (and of course you can stretch). I have no “ergo wrist support”, I don’t think you need it. I certainly don’t. If you have the keyboard at a height that your hands can fall onto, with your elbows and shoulders in relatively comfortable positions you’ll be fine. My recommendation is to experiment with what is a comfortable height for you by resting your keyboard on some reams of A4/letter where you can elevate or lower the height over time. Once you find something that is very comfortable, test it for a week or two before locking in your fixed height shelf for the keyboard.

  7. Stella says:

    I learned to type with free wrist. That’s healthier. The mouse hand comes from the wrist resting on something when moving the mouse, so you are blocking your muskels.

  8. zoktolk says:

    The only problem is, you cannot rest your wrist holding the mouse or while typing. If you spend any significant amount of time working by this desk you are tunning the risk of developing some health problems with your hands or wrists. Otherwise it’s cool.

  9. Gtsabag says:

    Actually, the keyboard works fine for me. It’s been a few weeks and I finally got the pad to stand on. I love it.

  10. SYD says:

    how did you attach the legs? I don’t see screws or anything on the top of the shelves….

    • Gtsabag says:

      The legs attach to the underside of each steel covered shelf and then simply stand on the top of the desk. They are quite heavy so the shelves don’t shift around at all.

    • JD says:

      Those legs screw into a socket and that socket is screwed into the wood.

  11. pagmatias says:

    This is a nice hacking but seems to have a problem. For a long use period will be a little bit uncomfortable because you don’t have any support for your arms when you are using the keyboard…

    • Gtsabag says:

      It’s actually very comfortable. I’ve finally got the ergonomic cushion to stand on and a “saddle seat” stool that I can raise up and down when I want to sit. As for my arms – for me it works just fine.

    • Stella says:

      I wouldn’t like an arm support. In my opinion it hinders the muscles in your hands and arms. Hands and arms must be free.

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