Bedroom finished headboard for ikea hackers

Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Samantha Kennedy


Hacked Expedit storage headboard

finished headboard for ikea hackers

I used:

Two IKEA Expedit 5 x 1 shelving units in black brown
Four IKEA Expedit draw units in gloss grey
2 bits of MDF – one shelf for the top and one for the actual headboard
4 metres of fabric
51 self-cover buttons
Strong thread
One saw
A power drill
Staple gun and a million staples
Four hinges

First we sawed down the 5 x 1 shelves to make them into 3 x 1 units a better height for the room.

Then we tidied up the tops of both units and attached the MDF shelf (covered in the fabric) using hinges at the back so that we can still reach into the gap between the shelving units once it’s all assembled.

Finally, I used this tutorial to create a diamond tufted headboard and screwed it onto the front of the structure to complete the headboard.

halfway headboard for ikea hackers

More info is available on my blog.

Mushroom lamp
Ikea Hacked Standing Desk

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2 Responses to Hacked Expedit storage headboard

  1. Samantha Kennedy says:

    Great minds – it is hinged. We’ve used it as space for suitcases plus the lamps and our phone chargers are plugged in down there and fed out through the shelves.

  2. Ulli says:

    Nicely done! I have thought of doing something like this myself but making use of the empty space between the expedits behind the headboard. Maybe with a built in “bedding box” for storing seasonal blankets and pillows, and making the shelf top hinged for access to the storage.

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