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Published on December 20th, 2013 | by mantiss


Borgsjö dual cat litter box

I had meant literally for the last 6 months to get rid of the eyesore that are the cat litter boxes. I tried to find some old/reused furniture but nothing seemed to be either pleasant to the eye or able to fit the requirements.

Ikea Borgsjö dual cat litter box

Enter Ikea’s Borgsjö, this is a simple multimedia center that comes with 2 shelves, one on each side. What I did was reuse the shelves to become doors, and cut out two cat d00rs, one on the side of the cabinet, and one in the middle section (since I have two litter boxes, I wanted the cats to be able to go through both with only one external door)

Ikea Borgsjö dual cat litter box - Side door

The side door is 15cm wide by 18cm high (about 6 inches by 7 inches). I used a jigsaw to cut away the section, and used some fake wood iron-on vinyl covering to protect the bare wood.

Ikea Borgsjö dual cat litter box - Inside door

Same idea for the inner passage between the two sections. Make sure you make it high enough for your cats to easily step from one cat box to the other. Also, this panel is twice as thick as the side panels and it is very well glued and pressed together, patience and a good blade on your jigsaw will do wonders. Drill holes to each corner of your door hole to guide you.

Ikea Borgsjö dual cat litter box - Hinges

I used simple hinges to fix the doors. The door side needed a 35mm wide x 11.4mm deep hole to get the latch fixed, standard euro latch you can find at most hardware store for next to nothing and is versatile when it comes to adjusting height, etc. As you see I used a vinyl liner under the litter boxes (and it’s not yet unfurled :)    )

Ikea Borgsjö dual cat litter box - Door stoppers

I used stick-on plastic pads for the door stoppers, don’t be tempted to just stick them on, they won’t hold, I just drove a wood screw through them to hold the stoppers securely in place.

Ikea Borgsjö dual cat litter box - Door knobs

I added two inexpensive Ikea Gottlösa door knobs to each panel, and voila, an easy access to the litter boxes, an elegant little cabinet and a nice control of odor as well as litter particles. If you only have one litter box, you could easily use the other section to store up your litter, bags, scoop etc.

I hope you enjoyed this hack, all in all it took about 4 hours to assemble fix and tweak.

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4 Responses to Borgsjö dual cat litter box

  1. RideToLive says:

    I find this very attractive, but I don’t like that they have to walk through one litter box to get to the second one. I think my diva-cats would only use the first box.

  2. Againstthegrain says:


    When I had two cats and two litter boxes (in different places), one of the cats always used both boxes. With this setup, I’d just put one litter box in the far compartment (scoop it more often to handle two cats, perhaps even twice daily), and use the compartment closest to the cat entrance to store extra litter supplies and a bath mat or carpet scrap to catch the litter bits that stick to the cats’ feet. That would reduce or even eliminate litter tracking outside the cabinet.

  3. mantiss mantiss says:

    **IMPORTANT NOTE** I need to specify that there’s one detail missing. Once you have the two doors installed, they don’t exactly get flush with the middle section of the Borgsjö, I used a leftover tablet from an Ikea PAX and cut a 2 1/2 inches by 17 3/4 inches of it and glued it in place with two dowels and a screw at the bottom. :) :) Enjoy the hack and Happy Holidays!

  4. Majeral says:

    wow nice wish I had space for it.

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