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Published on November 26th, 2013 | by Bjørn Aksel


Mydal Loftbed with play area


Materials: 2 Mydal loftbeds, 1 Trofast storage combination, 1 or 2 Kusiner box storage.

Description: I have two small sons who share a bedroom. To get the maximum out of the room I wanted a loftbed in a corner where they could both sleep downstairs and thus have a playground on top. This gives them more space and is also home to all the ever-expanding city of Lego. The top of the bed also serves as an extra bed when the kids have friends on a sleepover. Another advantage of the bed is that there is plenty space under the bed.

IMG_2787DSC_0276 DSC_0269

Step 1 : Put up Trofast storage combination
Step 2 : Put up the two Mydal loftbeds, and cut one of them so the bed is 2 meters in both directions. Screw it all together.
Step 3 : Cut out some 19mm MDF boards, I cut out some circles so you can see in and the kids can see out of the bed.
Step 4: Paint it and put on laminate flooring on the loft.

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19 Responses to Mydal Loftbed with play area

  1. Tan Ming says:

    I want to make a similar one for myself. I’m a 58-kg woman. Can the Trofast work as steps for adult safely? If I run or walk very quickly up the steps, will they break? Lastly, do you have to secure the Trofast with screws or something so it doesn’t move?

  2. Agnes says:

    These beds look amazing. My husband and I have planned to make the same too. Only one problem, the room is bit too small, so we are making 2m x 1.8m instead of 2×2.
    A question, how long did it take you to finish this? We only have two days to work on this.

  3. Alicia says:

    Why did you cut one bed. Would you recommend doing this with beds at regular length

    • Bjørn Aksel says:

      I cut one bed just to save space in the room, and not making it to big. Because they still have a lot of space in the bed when they sleep (even me and my wife can sleep in the bed without problems), so I guess it will last at least 5 more years before one kid has to move up to the play area and slepp there. If I could make the bed one more time I would still cut the bed. But if they had å gigantic room I would maybe not cut it.

  4. Dominique says:

    This is fantastic – it looks great, and (importantly) is functional too. I love the way it flips the mid-sleeper bed on its head by having the play area above the sleeping area.

    From the first picture, it looks as though there is a door to enter the play area. Is that correct?

    Also, do you mind me asking how old your younger son is? Does he manage to reach the play area easily?

    • Bjørn Aksel says:

      Yes there is a door to enter the play area, you can hardly see it on the pictures. The play area can sometimes get a bit overloaded with toys so it it is good to shut the door so you cant see the mess.

      The youngest kid was 2.5 yrs when I build the bed and he had no problems reaching the play area. The Trofast storage combination works great as stairs, even for adults:-)

  5. Bjørn Aksel says:

    Hi, I used a Hole Saw with a drill. I had to cut it from both sides and I used a Dremel with sandpaper to get a smooth finish.

  6. Asad says:

    Hi – How did you cut the holes so perfectly in MDF that thick? What did you use?

  7. Bjørn Aksel says:

    No problem, just fun to help. I used the original base but with no space between the panel. I had some leftovers from another bed. And under the base I put two beams to make it stronger and to be on the safe side for grown ups too:-)

  8. Elisabetta says:

    thanks! ok, I’ve another question (my last, promise :) ). what did you use as base for the laminate floor on the loft? a wood panel or the original slatted bed base?

  9. Bjørn Aksel says:

    Yes I used an Ikea mattress that measures 90×200. I just used a sharp bread knife and stitched the fabrics leftovers.

  10. Elisabetta says:

    Great idea! only one question: what mattress did you use for the bed you cut? you cut a regural 90×200 mattress somehow?

  11. Bjørn Aksel says:

    I think it looks smaller in the photo than in real life, the bed measures 2 meters in both directions. My oldest son is 6 yrs now and he has a lot of space left. When he grows up he would just move up to the second floor of the bed. I guess they are finished playing wiht lego then or even better, one of the kids has moved out:-)

  12. Val says:

    the only problem i have with this is that its targeted at children that age. Once the kids are older (even just 5 years), the beds will be way too small… what are you going to do then?? Dissassemble the whole lot??? its looks amazing BUT it sxhould have been made into normal size beds

  13. Fred Frederickson says:

    Amazing! Awesome idea :)

  14. Katia says:

    I love it

  15. anne says:

    Brilliant idea and very well done!

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