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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by rrediska


Hackers help: One more EXPEDIT hack?


I do love all the Expedit series and I was about to buy another one for my sons room, till I saw this. Any ideas how I can hack Expedit 4*4 to look this way?

Awesome RGB lamp from candle holder
PAX wardrobe fail – built in better (wire basket dresser)

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  1. Rick in South Carolina says:

    Sorry, forgot the link.

  2. Rick in South Carolina says:

    For my own personal Ikea hack, I used to make toy cabinets but have been staring at a big 5×5 Expedit in my office.

    I’ve made some electronic controlled door inserts and can control access remotely on a cell phone or tablet. If anyone likes it I’m trying to make a few of them through Kickstarter.com. Please visit my web site

  3. Paulo says:

    Actually, you don’t need to fall apart any of the internal panels.

    All you have to do is to mount your shelves on the floor. Imagine as I say:
    1) short the exterior panels as Trent sad. Place them on the floor.
    2) place the 4 internal horizontal panels without glueing them. Do not cut anything because you don’t know the idea yet. Now you can use the pencil to mark the edges of the horizontal panels where they touch the external panels. Take the horizontal panels out and do the same with the vertical ones.
    3) put the 4 horizontal panels back. Place the first internal vertical panel over the mounted set. Take a pencil and draw the lines on the horizontal shelves. You will cut the 4 horizontal shelves down to half of the shelf. Without moving the set, draw the lines on the vertical shelf. Your pencil will be upside down. You will cut 4 times this shelf up to half of it. You will slide the vertical shelf into the 4 horizontal ones.
    4) repeat the procedure with the other 2 vertical shelves. You don’t need any measurement for the angles. You need just a pencil.
    5) you will use white silicone to well finish the edges.

    If you think you understood, do it with a cardboard first before buying the Expedit. You can also do the simulation with styrofoam sheets. Think, think, think before cutting. Don’t worry, you are not in the middle of naval battle.

    Final advice: be sure, your son will crawl the shelves. Children always do that. Also be sure, you will climb the shelves to replace the bulb lamps. Adults always do that.

  4. Paulo says:

    Re-drill first. Saw after. You need the original holes as a model.

    Saw just the the upper side of exterior panels.
    Saw just the right side your horizontal exterior panels.
    You don’t need to short the both sides of the exterior panels.

  5. Hillarymarek says:

    Hi the piece your looking at is in fact not ikea but am expensive award winning design by Peter Maly called lines. He has an extensive collection of complimenting pieces, the info to view that is at the bottom of this post. But before you shell out 700 bucks or more let me walk you through how to get this 2008 piece updated to a more modern 2014 look for only $17 and 1 afternoon. I just built a very similar “functioning deco” piece for a client. I wish I could post pics here. I do everything upcycled nothing is store bought. I went to home depots all over the city and asked if they had any scrap wood. They all did, several also had sample paint tubs from valspar. I did the same thing at Ace and Lowe’s. Then out of a full truck bed of wood I pieced as many different types of wood together in varied sizes as needed then organized them on the floor till I got the look I was going for.then I took each piece and placed it Sunday the wall and using a green piece of chalk traced each one on the wall (use magic eraser lightly to remove. Then WITH OUT SANDING painted them in various shades of antique light blue, green and white. 3 more coats, colour a with a r oller mix 1/10th of a thick base primer (let sit 24hrs) then colour b brushed on but just one go pr stroke you want to leave spaces then with your 3rd complimenting colour just slightly feather it with the biggest brush you have then if you know how to antique wood do it your way I like to sand it with 3 different grains of sanding sponge alt. Wet and dry until I get the perfect look leaving lots of the original wood showing through. This is where all the scraps start to look like a very expensive piece of functdeco then line then up against their outlines and using long wood screws and anchors drill into the wall affixing it to a beam then Mark on the wood exactly where you put the studs then use a drimmel to carve out a key hole shape like on shelves and pictures then slide and lock it on to the wall and tada you have an original piece of functdeco that no one else on earth has the exact same of. I like to go one further on the originality and use sculpty polymer clay to make moulds that fit the size of the different woods edge bake 15 min and paint them a complimentary colour then use epoxy to fasten. My way $17 including gas time 1 day with all the fixings 2 hours with natural or uniformed wood. The good design (2008) awarded piece by Peter Maly your trying to hack can be priced from ligne-roset-usa.com or call them in NYC 1800 -by-roset to go into the store and play around with the options on the original. Good luck to you , Hillary Marek Wonderlanded custom designs

  6. MultiVroon says:

    I don’t know how the expedit exterior square is assebled, but the inner parts could be easily made in a not so perfect way bij buying planks with the right length and cutting openings in them half way through, fitting them together.

    The vertical planks have these cuts on the back side, the horizontal planks on the front side.

    The cuts need to be wider than the width of the planks, to allow them to tilt.

    Then you need some way to fix the construction of planks to the Expedit exterior. If everything fits nicely, not tight but tight enough, the construction might hold itself together..

  7. Cher says:

    You could get as-is parts from the 5×5 expedit for the inside parts and cut them to fit, and get the regular 4×4 expedit for the outsides.

  8. jo kuhl says:

    What’s the link for the wonky expedit clone? TIA

  9. SD-Cr8 says:

    In this pic, every horizontal looks divided as a separate, this person must have dowel jointed EVERY horizontal shelf to the verts and trimmed the angles, this is utter class.

    The point is you use a stringed (like a plumb-line) approach to determine everything and create your angles.

    You could also make it as a slot-in mesh, (not as classy) where one shelf slots into another. In this pic, the horizontals would slot in from the back, or the verts from the front (all complete end to end shelves).

    Looks fantastic.

  10. Maddie says:

    If you are open to a solution “in the spirit” and not an exact duplicate. You could build the expedit as intended and add asymetrical inserts to the shelves. Here is a link to someone’s Expedit Winerack hack. Use inserts in a similar manner but instead of making them uniform, make them irregular.

  11. Benjamin says:

    This is no Expedit by Ikea. look at the edges they are sloped. also the boreholes would not fit

  12. metai says:

    This is obviously not possible from the Expedit stock parts. If inserted at a slant the stock boards would be too short.

    But what would be needed done is actually pretty straightforward, although probably very hard to get right. The vertical boards would have to be custom made, possibly even the horizontal ones (although you could try to cut down the stock boards to make the horizontal boards). You’d have to trim all the boards at an angle, and drill holes at an angle, through the vertical boards and into the frame. And somehow cover up the original holes.

    Personal opinion: You’re trying to make a square peg from a round one. I don’t know the cost of the original, but you’d be looking at a serious money and time investment, above all a ton of planning and precision work to get the angles on the parts right.

  13. Rui Carneiro says:

    If we ever look at the building process of an expedit you will find out that this is impossible.

    Sorry ;)

  14. Clemens says:

    you would have to custom build all the inner parts. only the frame can be used and the long inner pieces.
    that would need a lot of measurements and cutting but it is surely possible…but the question is: is it worth it? ; or would it be ,more likely to just shift and tilt the vertikal bits?

    • Joelle says:

      Actually, for the vertical pieces you could probably use the pre-fab expedit, and for the smaller shelves too, but for those few shelves that will be bigger than usual you’ll have to get some MDF or something to fill in a few.

  15. Trent says:

    I’d say : shorten sth like 5cm on each end of the frame pannels, re-drill (as you just cut the holes off), screw. And fill in the original holes.

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