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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Extended sewing bobbin holder


Materials: Ikea straws

Description: I’m a quilter and so I see a lot and have a lot of bobbins loose all over but I like to keep them close by while I’m sewing. My brother sewing machine came with a 5 spool plastic holder for bobbins. Well I always have way more then it can hold. So when I was reorganizing my sewing room I decided to try to do an Ikea hack with the skinny IKEA STRAWS.

Place each one on the top of the plastic holder. Make sure the bendy part is at the top and slide on all your bobbins. Bend the top of your straw down so that it doesn’t tip over and your bobbins doesn’t fall off. I like these skinny Ikea straws because normal straws you get everywhere else I seen are fat straws and wouldn’t work because they would wobble too much and wouldn’t fit your bobbin. These skinny ones fit tight on the plastic and stays sturdy. I actually think its kinda funny but it works. And what’s even better no screws or drills required lol.

~ April Lauer, Stewartville Minnesota

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Jules Yap

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4 Responses to Extended sewing bobbin holder

  1. Donna says:

    When the wide straws are too wide for the bobbins one can split them lengthwise. Then when you slip the bobbins onto the straws the straws will try to expand and the bobbins won’t slip off as easily.

    I achieve the same snug fit using side by side thin straws that hold 6 or 7 bobbins but mine are kept in a drawer. See

  2. Majeral says:

    LOL I don’t quilt but this is very smart…

  3. Marion says:

    What a smart idea, April ! I’m a quilter too and have those bobbings flying everywhere….Next time I’m at IKEA I make sure to get those straws. Thanks a million for this tip !!

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