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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Table from the fifties


Materials: Ulsberg

Description: You take 3 Ulsberg table and you cut the table leg. 3 colors with aerosol paint under the top and that’s it.

~ fred, rennes – france

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15 Responses to Table from the fifties

  1. Dan Nolte says:

    I have one of these tables so I took a careful look at it. There is a small plastic foot that can be carefully pried out with a small screwdriver. You then want to carefully measure and cut off the desired length with a hacksaw (since there are only three legs it won’t wobble if you are off, but it will not be level). You would want to sand or file off any burs and replace the plastic feet so it won’t scratch the floor.

    The backside of the glass is frosted so it should have enough ‘tooth’ to take the spray paint, but to get the nice even color you may need multiple coats and be careful regarding overspray. You might want to mask the front to be sure.

  2. Marian Olden says:

    This is a very unique picture. I have never seen such a table before. Looks good but the functioning seems a little far off considering spillage etc.

  3. cati says:

    Fred ! explique nous tout en détail!
    What are the black circles under ?

    • FL Mom says:

      The black circles are part of the original table; just look at its picture on the IKEA site. Some other readers have given more details. I think Fred didn’t give any because the hack is simple and adjustable to each person’s own taste. But according to the picture, it seems the yellow table wasn’t altered except for coloring the glass, the red/pink table had a few inches cut off the bottoms of the legs, and the blue one had a few more inches cut off the bottoms of the legs. There’s nothing else to do besides measuring, cutting (maybe a little filing if the cut edge is rough), and painting. The amount you cut and the colors you use are just whatever you want. You could add some rubber caps if you worry about the legs scratching your floor. The tables are assembled according to the normal instruction sheet that comes with the product.

  4. XAN says:

    Can someone please provide with specific instructions?

  5. doggo says:

    It looks like you hack off different lengths of the bottom of the legs to vary the heights, like 2″ off the bottom of the red table, 4″ off the bottom of the blue table. Spray paint the bottoms of the table tops the colors you want, and when you’re all done push them together in a pleasing arrangement so that the table tops overlap.

  6. Brenda says:

    Judging from the image, I’m guessing that “cut the table leg” refers just to a small section of a leg, rather than an entire leg. The only way to nest those tables as shown would be to remove the section of a single leg between the upper and lower tables.

    Nice hack. Good colour choice on the tables.

  7. anne says:

    Based on the picture, I’d say that the rest of the instructions would be something like this:

    Before assembling the tables, cut 3.5 inches off the legs of one table and cut 7 inches off the legs of another table.

    Spray paint the bottom of each piece of glass. (I’m not sure, but you might need to look for paint designed for glass.) Let them dry completely. I’d even wait two-three days for the paint to cure to minimize the risk of scratches.

    Assemble the tables, and arrange them as shown. Done!

    I’ve been looking for a way to add color to the living room where we are using two of these as end tables for a Kivik sofa with the gray-brown cover. Painting the glass could be the perfect solution!

  8. jack says:

    I guess what he means with “cut the leg” is that you should cut all three legs of 2 of the tables at the same height to be able to arrange them like the photo shows..

  9. Jo says:

    Awesome hack. So easy to do.

    Not sure if people really don’t get this hack or are just being facetious….. You cut the table legs from the feet end, cutting all 3 legs until you get the height of the table you want.

  10. yoyo says:

    I cut the leg, and now the table falls over.

  11. Nick Lo says:

    Excellent, simple upgrade that greatly improves the product. Makes you wonder why IKEA themselves didn’t do the same.

    Like the chair and hair dryer (light mod?) combo too.

  12. andy says:

    A little help? This might be something I’d like to do myself, and all “you take 3 Ulsberg table and you cut the table leg” tells me is the model to look for and that there might be some cutting involved.

  13. duncan says:

    Um, “…and you cut the table leg.”, Do I cut any particular part of the leg or do I just sawing anyplace anyplace and it will magically work?

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