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Published on October 22nd, 2013 | by mycreativegenius


ORDNING stainless steel breadbox to modern mailbox

When we first bought our home the mailbox was a hideous 80s cheapo mailbox that had seen better days. I wanted to buy this sleek rounded mailbox (pix below), but I didn’t want to spend over $100 on a mailbox. I mean, it’s just a mailbox!

$120 mailbox

Ikea to the rescue. I spotted the Ordning stainless steel breadbox on a shopping trip and realized that it could be the perfect mailbox. The hack is simple: with a metal drill bit create two mounting holes on the back of the breadbox. Use screws to attach it to your wall.

I added vinyl numbers in black. If you do this, be sure to attach the numbers high enough so they are visible when the box is open too.

Ordning mailbox


I have received a ton of compliments on my modern mailbox. Even my mailman wanted to know where to buy one. Nobody realizes that it is a breadbox unless I point it out. The other really wonderful thing about it is that I can use magnets to attach notes for the mailman!

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2 Responses to ORDNING stainless steel breadbox to modern mailbox

  1. robert says:

    Looks like ikea doesn’t carry the bread box any longer… can’t find on their site… darn!

  2. mycreativegenius says:

    Hmm. You are right. I no longer see this on the US site. I still see it on the UK site though.

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