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Published on October 18th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Ikea furniture assembly making a secret play room

2013-07-26 14.30.59_1000-792083

Materials: Kura, Malm, Expedit, Drona, Mammut, formica board

Description: What we want:
- make more place in my son’s room
- offer him a secret play room

How we do:
Firstly, we look for several pieces of furniture whose dimensions allow them to go under a Kura bed. Malm chests with 3 and 2 drawers (for clothes) and Expedit shelf (for toys) are selected.

Secondly, we assemble these pieces of furniture in this order :
1/ Kura assembly. Remark: one formica board replaces an original small wooden board (cf. photos)
2/ 2 Malm assembly and installation under the Kura
3/ Expedit assembly. Installation under the Kura: several extra battens (in the right dimensions) are necessary to support the Expedit, to make it stay upright (cf. photos). Remark: the Expedit dimensions are EXACTLY the space under the Kura, so to put it into this space, you have to go slowly with patience. The Drona fabric boxes are added for containing toys.

2013-07-26 14.21.26_900-798703
2013-07-26 14.31.35_900-795550

After the 2 Malm arrangement, the space behind them is big enough to form the secret play room for my son. This secret play room has a window which is the formica board in the Kura assembly. In order for him not to lean on the back of the Malm chest, we have added a without legs Mammut chair (cf. photos).

2013-07-26 14.22.24_900-702594

~ Ben, France

Rustic Vittsjo
BILLY+IRJA=BILLIRJA spacesaving baby wardrobe

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3 Responses to Ikea furniture assembly making a secret play room

  1. Awesome ikea assembly! says:

    This is fantastic! Having in mind how much children LOVE secret rooms and hiding spots and dungeons, this will surely rock the house! Really clever usage of some of the most popular ikea units. Would not want to be ambushed from that little fortress hehe

  2. Anita says:

    I would paint the backs of the furniture with chalkboard paint or hang a large whiteboard for artists!

  3. Gill Osborne says:

    It’s fantastic, I bet he loves it. it might be an idea to put up some sort of very obvious glow in the dark sign just in case of fire. Children will hide in cupboards, under beds etc. Firefighters know this and will look there, but may not know about this. Always best to look on the worst side, but expect the best where kids are concerned.

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