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Published on October 9th, 2013 | by Contributor


Turning kitchen cabinets into fabulous entryway shoe storage

DIY shoe storage from kitchen cabinets

Materials: Faktum, Trofast

After searching for a neat shoe rack for months we finally decided that IKEA is not able to provide what we want.

Since our whole flat looks like a IKEA showroom and we are convinced with the cost-benefit ratio we thought of giving the horizontal Faktum cabinets a try. And we set out to DIY our shoe cabinet to fit our compact entryway. It should also double up as a coat rack and have space for gloves and other accessories.

(The Metod system has replaced the old Faktum kitchen range. The Metod also offers horizontal cabinets that can be easily applied to this hack.)

DIY shoe storage from kitchen cabinets

DIY shoe storage from kitchen cabinets

DIY shoe storage from kitchen cabinets

DIY shoe storage from kitchen cabinets

Not only these three cabinets provide plenty of space for our shoes. We also added some hooks under the countertop to hang our jackets. Under the bottommost Faktum we added some aluminium profiles, so we can attach 2 Trofast boxes for gloves and scarfs.

Of course the lowest door is custom painted to match the room (not visible in photo).

Have fun!

~ Markus, Austria

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14 Responses to Turning kitchen cabinets into fabulous entryway shoe storage

  1. Robert Skans says:

    Fantastic idea! It’s stunning.
    Is it possible to get the measurement for the things you used and maybe even the item number? Even though I am a Swede, I have trobule working the catalogue.

  2. Zarah says:

    Great hack! Very clever and OH so stylish! :D
    Congrats on the nicest looking entryway I’ve ever seen. :)

  3. Claudi says:

    Function and fashion all in one, fabulous! I am curious about the countertop used, it is also an IKEA product?

  4. Jenny says:

    What shoes sizes are in there? I know my little shoes will fit, but not sure about his.

    • Markus says:

      I have (European) size 43 to 44. They fit like a shoe ;-)

      So you are right with your concern. If his feet are bigger the shoes might not fit in. Actually would be the possibility of putting them in not perpendicular.

      Since I am almost 30 my feet stopped growing long time ago and so did the feet of my girlfriend. Boots are problem though.

  5. darlingdoll says:

    It looks fabulous and useful. Unfortunately the Ikea closest to me, four hours, doesn’t have Faktum cupboards.

  6. gigiesse says:

    What a nice job.
    Just a question, where did you find the hinges? Are them an Ikea item?

  7. P. M. says:

    Nice idea, the usual places for shoes storage, usually have such a bad look… But the cost of your solution is a little bit more than those solutions, right?

    • Markus says:

      Of course it is. That’s easy to proof by having an IKEA price list. Custom carpenter stuff would have been more expensive though.

  8. F. K. says:

    This is really awesome! Wish the nearest Ikea to me wasn’t on the other side of the state. :(

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