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Published on October 23rd, 2013 | by khedron


Expedit built in room divider

This is my attempt at an Expedit room diver, it all began with a large attic flat I have which was two rooms but someone knocked into one. I looked at ‘canned’ solutions to dividing the rooms and didn’t really like any of them. A friend gifted me a black Expedit he no longer had a use for and I promptly stuck it in the middle of the floor for a few months before I got around to doing something useful with it. You’ll notice the finished picture below has spotlights in the top four cubes, I don’t actually like this now it’s done but it does give a nice lamp effect to the room when it’s dark but not exactly what I was going for.


The project started with building a framework around the Expedit.




After the frame was built, it was time to get the plasterboard (drywall to North Americans?) on, and get it plastered.

1372776112750 IMG_20130714_115247 IMG_20130714_115235 IMG_20130714_115223

I then scuffed up the black colour so the paint adhered better, added architrave, undercoated twice, and finished with three coats of silk magnolia.

IMG_20130723_230145 IMG_20130723_202716

Entrance hall wardrobe
BESTA Coffee table

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12 Responses to Expedit built in room divider

  1. Sarah says:

    Way too much work, and lots of wasted space, could have hacked another Expedit and put in on top for more storage space, and put panels on it if you wanted a “wall” impact. Seems very odd this one.

    • khedron says:

      Well, the basic premise is breaking up a double room with two bay windows into two seperate areas as it originally was and keeping the light from the bays, if it was just a solid wall it would make one side dark in the morning and the other side dark in the evening since this is an east-west facing house. I did consider adding another tier to it but didn’t want to do the 200 mile round trip for one item. As for storage, it was never what it was intended for, just room division and letting light pass through.

      It also really wasn’t a great deal of work, it was all done in one day minus the painting, which was unavoidable since I didn’t buy the expedit to start with :)

  2. Syl says:

    It looks great ad I would definitively insert glass panels in the lower shelves to let the light shine down.

    The shelves are certainly sturdy enough to do so, they are made of ply / particle board. You’ll need to route, sand, perhaps spackle smooth and paint the resulting edges but it would make a world of difference. Doing it in situ will be a bit of a pain, but not too bad.

  3. Caroline says:

    Beautiful and stunning! Well done!

  4. Majeral says:

    WOW, can this be removed when you move? Nice work

    • khedron says:

      Not without ditching the plasterboard and re-plastering when it gets put up again. I would just leave it there, as it was a one time solution to a hugeeee room.

    • khedron says:

      Not without taking all the plasterboard off and redoing it when it’s put back up. It was a one time deal for this room anyhow, so I would just leave it.

  5. Allain says:

    I did the same thing and came to the same conclusion – that i didn’t like the light only hitting the top shelves(?)

    What i did to get around this is to cut large holes in the remaining cube bottoms, router out a ledge in each cut-out and then place frosted glass discs in – to send the light throuout the unit.. loks excellent.

    Great work btw!

    • khedron says:

      I pondered adding something see through to the lower shelves after not being entirely satisfied with the outcome. Is the inner shelves made of something a bit sturdier than the top one (aka not compressed cardboard)? I’m assuming so if you routed it, as that wouldn’t be too hard a job in situ if its more stable stuff.

  6. Luke says:

    That looks awesome

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