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Published on September 26th, 2013 | by Mazinga


Sliding Galant Desk on a big Expedit Composition


The aim of this project is to have a big shelf with a sliding desk for having more space in the room when kids don’t study.
You need:
2 Expedit shelving unit 2×2 boxes (801.352.98)
1 Expedit shelving unit 5×5 boxes (002.086.46)
many Expedit drawers (for example 902.049.36) and doors (for example 001.982.04)
1 Besta rail for sliding doors 180cm (901.058.37)
1 Galant desk with T legs (chose the model you like… in my pictures a 120x80cm)
4 wheels (with brake) at a DIY store
A drill, a hummer and a saw.

1. Assemble the 2 Expedit 2×2 units without their top panel

2. Fix with a pencil (or a pin) the holes of the 2 little 2×2 Expedit top panels on the 5×5 top panel

3. Drill the 5×5 top panel and assemble it on the 2 little 2×2 Expedit shelves (without their original top panel)

4. Cut 1-2 cm of the Besta rail with a saw and fix it on the top 5×5 panel with its screws

5. Disassemble the 5×5 top panel from the 2 little 2×2 shelves and mount the 5×5 Expedit shelf
(I like to change some modules to make a little different shelf and to personalize it)

6. Assemble the 5×5 shelf on the 2 little 2×2 shelves after drilling the side panels and putting wood screws between the 2×2 shelves and the 5×5 shelf

7. Replace the original Galant desk feet with 4 wheels

8. Drill 2 or 3 holes on the depth of the Galant desk to screw 2 or 3 little wheels (boxed with Besta rail)

9. Find the exact height of the T-legs of Galant desk to put the little wheels inside the Besta rail

10. complete the shelves as you like with Expedit drawers and doors

Gerardo P. -Foggia, Italy-

Expedit turned Banquette Seat
GORM Vertical Artwork Storage Bin

The Author

10 Responses to Sliding Galant Desk on a big Expedit Composition

  1. Mazinga says:

    exactly 1 cm diameter.
    good job !

  2. Peter says:

    Love what you did with the desk. I’m about to buy a Galant desk and would like to put castors on it. Luckily there’s a B&Q next to my nearest Ikea, so I should be able to buy them together. You don’t by any chance remember the size of the screw, do you?

  3. Mazinga says:

    As you can see in picture 7, you have to unload the original black rubber foot that has a screw, and buy a wheel with screw at a DIY store.
    IKEA doesn’t produce a wheel with a useful screw for galant.
    No modification is needed.
    Thanks for your interesting in my hack.

  4. Claire says:

    Could you tell me about the casters you used? Did you have to do anything to modify them to fit. I looked at the Besta casters from Ikea, but they were a little small for the hold on the desk.

  5. Glenda says:

    If you had flipped it the other direction, would it have taken up less space when not in use pressed up against the wall?

    • Gerardo P. says:

      The sunlight from the window comes from the left side of the expedit composition. If you flip che desk or the chair the sunlight arrives behind you. So, if you leave the chair there, you’ll have the sunlight in front of you while you’re studying.

  6. mary says:

    Waay cool!

  7. mo says:

    The finished product looks great. But it wasn’t until I got to the last picture that I realized there are table legs on both sides. That being the case, what’s the purpose of the track connecting the desk to the shelves? Why not just have a desk on wheels?

    • Mazinga says:

      I have 2 daughters (5 and 7 years old) that study one in front of the other. Sometimes i sit down on the 3rd side of the desk to help them. The BESTA RAIL is useful because children use the desk with the wheels like a toy, going all around the room. Instead with the rail they couldn’t play so much! I could also use the expedit desk, but there isn’t the possibility of sitting on the 3rd side. I think that is dangerous using only 1 T-leg with the little wheels of besta rail… 1 T-leg costs about 40 euros and it’s safer!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Gerardo P.

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