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Published on September 30th, 2013 | by latxhax


EXPEDIT drop leaf table: Texas style


Materials: EXPEDIT, LACK, contact paper, sliding rails, hinges

Started off with this


Got some contact paper from Home Depot for around $8.00. PANYL has better colors but I went the more affordable route.

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After an hour or two of cutting and smoothing out the bubbles…


Had to add some doors for the full effect.


Went to Ikea the next day and picked up a Lack side table. They were out of the regular white so I had to opt for the fancy gloss white.



Connected the hinges to the bottom of the middle shelf, then installed sliding drawer rails underneath to brace the table upright.

Had to add some personal flavor to it.

Keeping a reminder of home as a TX to LA Transplant.


When is the FJÄLLBERGET coming to Switzerland?

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6 Responses to EXPEDIT drop leaf table: Texas style

  1. Ian says:

    Looks great, I love the Texas flavor, Hook’em Horns!Could you post a picture of the rails under the table? Thanks.

    • de says:

      I would llke to see how the rails are installed too. This genius idea is even more needed for people making their expedite work in the wake of Ikea’s heinous ditching of the classic units!

  2. gerardo p. says:

    Good work. Esasy, useful amd funny. Did you use also two legs when you open the table?

    • latxhax says:

      Thanks! No legs. I haven’t found out a way to make them foldable without being seen under the table. The sliding drawer rails are attached to the table and they slip under the shelf. I like the whole floating table effect, but legs would definitely add more stability!

  3. Devo says:

    Hey, nice idea! I’ve never been a fan of faux wood stuff, but this does look nice.
    BTW who sells studded leather chairs like that?

    • latxhax says:

      Ha thaaaanks. They’re called Barcelona chairs. You can find them all over the internet. The real ones run really pricey.

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