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Published on September 27th, 2013 | by Tira-Mi-Su


BILLY BJÄSTA supersized


Materials: BILLY

Description: I always wanted to fill the gap between my BILLY bookcase (used for my shoes) and the ceiling. Unfortunately there aren’t height extension units at IKEA, which would be large enough or have the same pattern like my special anniversary BILLY BJÄSTA.

billy2 billy3

That’s why I created my own version :)
I guess I’ll add a curtain soon to keep my shoes away from dust. Therefore I already bought a cornice an some fabrics.

You can see some pictures of the working progress below.

For further information click here.

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2 Responses to BILLY BJÄSTA supersized

  1. Tira-Mi-Su Tira-Mi-Su says:

    I really feel sorry for you and for all the other men with really large feet (including my little Big Foot living with me)!
    In your special shoe situation I would take the deeper BILLY bookcase and hack that one.
    Would that be an alternative for you?

    Greetings from Gemany

  2. yllianos yllianos says:

    As a guy with size 11 feet, I wish I could utilise my Billy bookcases for shoes; they just all poke out awkwardly.

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