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Published on August 2nd, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Space saver bed

Materials: Stolmen chests and Lack tables

Description: Living in a small one bedroom apartment, We needed a solution to put all our clothes in a single space so we could eliminate a chest of drawers that took up a third of that bedroom.

The solution was a captain bed but looking around everything we found was way over our budget so we decided to hack one.

We bought 3 Stolmen chests of 1.10 cm * .50 cm and 2 Stolmen chests of .55 *.50 cm

Then we added a Lack coffee table of .55 * .90 cm and a Lack end table of .55*.55 cm.


All of these pieces have the same height so no problem there. We assembled everything and used lots of screws and metal brackets to keep it sturdy. Then we bought some white plywood and made shelves to cover the top and front and

Voila,, our captain bed for a third of the price! We’ve been sleeping in it for over 6 months and it hasn’t moved an inch!! And to top it all off in the space between the 2 chests our baby folding bed fits perfectly for when the grandchildren sleep over!!!

~ Maria, France

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The Author

Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

7 Responses to Space saver bed

  1. Mel says:

    There’s a 5cm height difference with the stolmen drawers and the coffee table. Did that matter?

  2. urbanstoop says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this hack – we built this over the weekend and it worked brilliantly. Awesome idea with the lack pieces, thank you for sharing. We are newbies to building and this came together wonderfully.

    Notes to other hackers: we built this in a niche (mattress 140x200cm), and so only used 1 each of the Stolmen for the front and the three Lack pieces for the back (against the wall). Used threee 80cm planks (in fact, old Billy shelves we had lying around) to hold the whole thing together and screwed a 140cm frame (this guy: on top for extra comfort and stability. Worked like a charm. We love our new bed! And since people have asked about the height: it’s a little strange at first, but it makes the room feel so much bigger, so that’s a huge plus.

    Cheers from Germany

  3. Maria says:

    Ok it s been 2 years since we built this bed. Everything’s doing great. Drawers haven t sagged and no problem with weight distribution……

  4. Marae says:

    Ikea Stolmen (larger) $100 –
    Ikea Stolmen (smaller) $80 –
    Ikea Lack Side Table $10 –
    Ikea Lack Coffee Table $20 –

    Personally, I would have tried to reinforce the middle with a simple double M shaped 2×4 apparatus and use 3×3 or 4×4 for the stilts of the M.For that young couples…”restlessness”. My only other concern would be weight distribution. Some external support along the top and end of the bed may produce a longer lasting drawer survival.

    :) – Marae

  5. SD says:

    Hello! This looks awesome. I can’t figure out how to estimate the cost because on ikea’s website they do not seem to display the cost of the stolmen chests of drawers- only the chest within a wardrobe system. Can you ballpark how much the chests were?

  6. M says:

    interesting hack….around how much would you estimate it cost? And is it…solid? Can it handle a young couples…restlessness?

  7. James says:

    I love this hack! We have quite a low bed at the moment but we could do with the storage… How do you find sleeping so high up?

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