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Published on July 12th, 2013 | by IH guest


Computer Desk V2.0 – the Ekby Alex Add-on

Materials: Besta, Expedit and Ekby Alex

Description: Last year I made a Desk with Besta Shelf and a Expedit Desk. Now the challenge was another one:
- include two 19″ monitors
- add additional drawers
- and keep the possibility to hide the keyboard and mouse

The solution was simple. I just add a Ekby Alex shelf, some “legs” and it works.

Keep it simple and functional!

2012 post of the Desk:

~ N Miguel Rodrigues, Portugal

Knitted Rusch Clock
BÄSTIS coat hook for my bracelets

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2 Responses to Computer Desk V2.0 – the Ekby Alex Add-on

  1. d says:

    Never mind, I figured out how this works. Sorry, i’m a first time hacker :)

  2. d says:

    Where do I find the legs?

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