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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Satta Sitter for Aquarium Light

Materials: Satta knob pulls and 5-minute epoxy

Description: I purchased a light with a gooseneck boom that was too short to get the light centered over the tank.

I had it sitting on the tank opening acrylic lip but that looked bad and incomplete. I allowed a lot of moisture to condense on the fixture, as well.

I needed it to sit about 2 1/2″ off the glass.

After considering some metal strip style pulls, I saw and realized how perfect acrylic was when I found the Satta knobs at $1.99 each for 6.

I also realized, instead of somehow using the screws I would epoxy two together at the ends to create 4 mini columns or stand-offs.

My favorite part? The two Sattas glued together are exactly 2 1/2″ high. Plus the lucite/plastic nobs capture the magic of the LEDs with a nice glow. Lots of fun!

~ Clayton Smith, San Diego, CA

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4 Responses to Satta Sitter for Aquarium Light

  1. cropse says:

    i’m wonder the temperature would be too high

  2. Mike Lamanne says:

    I am interested in the salt water tank setup as my daughter has this tank sitting around. What exactly would I need to convert it to salt? i.e. filter setup, lights etc?

  3. Zosh says:

    So you glued the Satta knobs to the fixture? Or is it just balancing on those stands then?

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