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Improving your Antilop highchair

Materials: Antilop highchair, and two Antilop trays

Description: The only thing that’s missing on Antilop is some support for the child’s feet.

My husband got this great idea after I had done the typical wife-bitching and demanded a better chair for our daughter.

Your simply buy an extra tray; drill four holes (use a machine that can drill big enough holes for the legs!) – one in each “corner”, and put the legs of the chair through the holes.

The tray will stay in place without glue, and can be placed exactly where you need it.
An extra bonus, is that it’s catching food as well :-)

~ Louise, Denmark

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19 Responses to Improving your Antilop highchair

  1. JMT says:

    Hm. I tried this with an inch hole saw bit for my drill. I had the same problem as someone above: the legs splay out at quite an angle, and holes even *right next to* the rim of the tray are way WAY too narrow. I honestly am baffled looking at the picture above; the front legs of their chair are nearly parallel to each other and the legs on mine are not anywhere close to parallel. Neither can they be forced into being parallel, as the metal leg extends into a plastic tube on the seat for at least 3-4″. Has the design changed?! I tried re-drilling into the rim, then even got desperate and made the holes very beveled/angled with a razor blade, all to no avail. I could MAYBE have gotten all 4 legs through the extra tray and back into the seat if I had taken all these measures to extremes, but the tray height would have had to be directly under the seat – not at foot level.

    I ended up throwing the mangled tray into the recycling and am just going to buy an Ikea junior chair since baby is getting old enough :)

    Just wanted to share my cautionary tale for others who may try the hack. My best guess is that the design changed to make the legs at more of an angle for safety reasons.

    THIS JUST IN: I decided to use google image search to find older images of this product, and I think I must be right. I don’t know if this link will stay, but here is a picture showing nearly-parallel front legs. Compare this with the website picture.

  2. Nicole says:

    Anyone add wheels to this highchair? It’s the only bting keeping me from buying it, I love having wheels on my highchairs.

    • Jen says:

      Planning to drill holes and use the wheels from a garment rack we have stationary. No wheels is a big issue for me too-hoping this will work!

  3. Nadia says:

    Hi Louise! This is great!! I was wondering – you mentioned that it stays in place where you need it. Does that mean it only stays at that height in the picture or can you move it up and down and it will stay in place?

    • Louise Courchaine says:

      We were able to put it in different heights ;-) it stays in place because the legs are pressing on the tray (the legs aren’t completely straight down)

  4. Louise Courchaine says:

    They said thanks for the interest, but they wouldnt bother changing a popular product :-/

  5. poucemajeur says:

    I tried to do the trick as described but I do not manage to assemble the feet : the feet get wider and the tray is not large enough. So I cut each corner and link them to the feet using an elastic, and it works well. Thanks for the tips, my child is so happy now !

  6. Anonymous says:

    the baby is so cute!! :) thanks!

  7. Annemiek says:

    Great idea! Hope Ikea reads this hack ;-)

  8. Funny baby..I like

  9. I like the baby boy, he is really cute. i like the chair too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    LOVE this idea!!! Definitely going to try this with our chair :)

  11. gina ka says:

    Oh wow…this is a winner! Thanks for sharing. The lack of a foot rest always bothered me, my knees tend to serve that purpose which means I usually end up wearing the menu!

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