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How-to: Make a replacement Samtid lamp shade

Materials: board, cutting tool, patience

Description: The Samtid floor lamp is a beautiful design, and will last for many years. Sadly, the skimpy plastic shade that comes with it disintegrates after two short years, and Ikea does not sell replacements. It doesn’t matter if sunlight hits the shade, it doesn’t matter if you used a low-heat compact fluorescent. They just fall apart. DO NOT throw that base away. Here is a template to make your own replacement shade.

Print out the pdf on regular old letter sized paper. Your printer may cut off the edges of the images; don’t worry, just print out at 100% size. Tape the pages together according to the indications. Tape onto your Bristol board, card stock, or sheet plastic. Cut out on lines, “weave” tabs together, and attach to your base. The template includes the original shade, and also a slightly taller and (I think) much more graceful shape.

Years of extended life for a great but flawed Ikea product!

Download the pdf here.

~ Matthew Bird, Providence, RI

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10 Responses to How-to: Make a replacement Samtid lamp shade

  1. Neomig says:

    Dear Matthew- Thanks so much for sharing!
    Best regards

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can also go to the IKEA customer service desk. They can order a new one for you for just 5 euro’s.
    Kind regards
    Customer service employee IKEA Netherlands…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am glad to know that IKEA Netherlands has a 5 Euro replacement. The IKEA Stoughton, Massachusetts doesn’t. This hack will cost less than a 5 Euro shade + a flight to Europe. ALSO, it is a more elegant shade. And so easy to customize! Hooray!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just looked on IKEA Netherlands and I can’t find this 5€ replacement lampshade. Can you put a link please?

  5. Ann says:

    A fancy piece of thick paper at the local art store cost me $4.90 in New York. Looks great, thank you!

  6. Sammy says:

    Thank you for this tutorial, it worked great and my new lamp shade looks great. I went with the original height, and only used 1/3 of the card stock board ($3.91). Final cost for my replacement shade: $1.30 :)

    Thank you!

  7. Fede says:

    Matthew, Please, Could you tell us what is the paper size in centimeters? Thank you

  8. jlprittenhouse jlprittenhouse says:


    I am impressed the shade lasted you as long as it did. I believe it lasted about 6 months for us.

    We love Ikea. But, as my husband always says when asked ‘What happened to [insert Ikea piece here]‘, ‘Ikea happened to it’. The base, as you say, is fantastic. The shade – not so fantastic.

    We were all set to wing making the replacement shade until I stumbled on this, Matthew. Much gratitude!

  9. Celia Metz says:

    I am having difficulty finding Bristol board in a large enough size to cut out the template as a single piece. Any suggestions on where to look? Art supply store I checked with says it only comes in small pieces (granted that was our small town store – may have to take a trip to Seattle to track down). And if I opted for plastic sheet, what kind of plastic – styrene?? Many thanks for posting this hack. I love my lamp but the shade is trashed!!!

  10. Martin Walsh says:

    Is there a full size pdf for those of us with access to large format printers and averse to cut and paste? :-)

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