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Published on January 11th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Ribba tablet/phone stand

Materials: RIBBA, cable canal, saw, drill, sandpaper, paint

Description: I needed something to stand my tablet on while using it for controlling my music at home. We recently moved to a new apartment and had a bunch of spare RIBBA picture ledges lying around.

So I ended up sawing a piece of shelf to the width I wanted. Then I used the already present hole and drilled it with an 8 mm drill, just enough room for one of Apples lightning connectors to pass through. This is not really needed but it helps the charging cable not slip away when not in use.

I chose to glue on the top lid of a spare piece of cable canal as an inner step for standing the tablet in an almost upright position. But you could skip this part if you want. After a bit of sanding and painting the sides you’re done. Dead simple!

This would work in smaller pieces for say an iPhone bed-side stand as well.

~ Peter, Sweden

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4 Responses to Ribba tablet/phone stand

  1. Ian Dean says:

    A stand… Does not make a dock. A dock is something that you can put your phone/tablet in single handedly in order to charge it.

    A good idea for a stand maybe… But some people are being a little too liberal with the word dock.

  2. Peter says:

    Joan, the inner “step” for standing it like that was created by gluing the bottom part of a cable canal to the bottom part. It’s basicly a plastic U-shaped piece of plastic. There are probably a bunch of things you could use to get the same effect. Hope this helps.

  3. Sarah Park says:

    That is so resourceful of you. You got a stand without paying a single penny.

  4. Joan says:

    Wooww amazing!!
    By the way, could you upload what did you do to hold the ipad mini like the last photo?

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