Published on January 25th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Malm bed ledge hack

Materials: Malm Queen size Bed x 2, L brackets

Description: I wanted a bed ledge, but I didn’t need Malm’s existing slide out storage (or want to spend that much, and I like to reuse/re-purpose). I wanted a ledge the same length as my Malm Black/brown queen bed, and none of Ikea’s ledges or occasional tables had the right dimensions or colour match.

1. Procure a second Malm bed (second hand wouldn’t hurt the pocket as much)
2. Discard the side rails, the metals supports and the slats
3. Drill holes in your ‘second’ Malm bed head(keeping the first and most loved Malm scar free should you prefer) to match those on your chosen L brackets. I think I placed them 300 mm from the edge…
4. Take the second Malm’s foot and align the second head to the foot to form an upside down L – the foot will become the ledge, and the head will become the second set of ‘legs’ to your ledge. The mark and drill the guide holes for the other side of the L brackets.

5. Place L bracket on the other side of the ‘foot’ and screw in.
6. (OPTIONAL) Matched L brackets to first Malm bed head. I did not do this, and with the other side screwed in, and the L brackets, it limits lateral movement of the ledge, without scarring my first Malm.

The only limitation is that the Malm foot needs to face the wall to hide it’s ugly un-finishedness. But that’s easy enough!

See more of the Malm bed ledge.

~ Sarah, Sydney, Australia

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4 Responses to Malm bed ledge hack

  1. PatK says:

    Check the ASIS department at IKEA for the second bed — sometimes they have just the headboard/footboard at much discounted price.

  2. Sharon says:

    Beautiful clean finished look! The ledge on the top is perfect for putting books mobile phones etc without needing a bedside table. The nook underneath would be great for hiding cables and whatnot too.

  3. livetolist says:

    Definitely something I can still do! Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    why couldnt you put a piece of wood to keep the large board up against the wall (attached to the headboard) then make the top hinged so you can flip it up and put a second area for more storage inside? You may not need the storage now, but that would be brilliant!

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