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Use MANDAL to store your LEGO bricks for quick & easy building

Materials: MANDAL headboards, GLIS boxes, binder clips

Description: I needed some space to store my LEGO brick but have them accessible as well when I want to use them. When we came across some MANDAL headboards in the IKEA as-is section, I slowly figured out what to do:

Using binder clips I could hang GLIS boxes to the MANDAL headboard. You have to detach the hinged covers first, then attach the binder clips to the boxes. With the binder clips attached to the boxes, you can hang them easily on the headboard.

You can even put the covers back on to keep the dust out while not using the bricks.

Detailed instructions can be found on the project page on Snapguide.

Check out How to Store Your LEGO Bricks for Quick & Easy Building by Martin Storbeck on Snapguide.

Happy building!

~ Martin Storbeck, Stuttgart, Germany

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15 Responses to Use MANDAL to store your LEGO bricks for quick & easy building

  1. Cool Owls says:

    wow, that’s a whole lot of Lego:)
    Great idea, I wish my kid would keep them this tidy though

  2. Are you sure you cannot pop out the plastic pin as well? I had a look at the new boxes a while ago and it seemed doable. Maybe use a spoon. Next time I’m at IKEA I’ll check it out…

  3. Mary says:

    was super excited to see this but the GLIS boxes no longer use a pin system in the hinges so you can’t put the binder clip through because the hinge area is now solid plastic instead of hollow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any chance we can get a picture of how the clip connects to the bottom of the box?

  5. I need your help: I need more boxes but the light-Blue boxes are no longer sold at IKEA. Does anyone have these boxes, doesn’t need them anymore and would sell them to me? Contact me: [email protected] Thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    so jealous of your lego collection! beautifully executed!

  7. majeral says:


  8. This is a really cool idea — well thought out, good job. Still I don’t even want to begin to think about how much money went into this…

    So long,

    • I got the Mandals at the IKEA as-is-section for 20€ each, the 34 GLIS-boxes cost 4€ each back in 2004, when I bought them, the 68 binder clips came at 0,12€ per clip. Plus spray painting the Mandal headboards, total costs are 200,16€ for the whole thing.

  9. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    Yeow! I can’t imagine all of it coming together in your head, then how wonderful you must have felt to stand back and just look at it! Good Job!

    • each time I enter that room, with this creation, the light I added to all of my shelves that display my LEGO collection and a new LEGO-themed IKEAhack in the making, I feel really stunned!

  10. That is a real nice way to get everything off the floor while giving the room some personality.

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