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Rast Nightstand Mobile Kitchen Storage

Materials: Two Rast Nightstands, 4 wheels, 4 metal plates, lots of screws

Description: We needed some extra storage in the kitchen and we needed to keep it in space under the table that would be otherwise out of reach.

I didn’t find anything that would suit our needs. The carts were either too tall to go under the table or to narrow to fully utilize the extra space. Also I didn’t want anything made out of plastic.

Here is our solution. I bought two RAST nightstands (very cheap and made out of nice wood). I joined them together with metal plates. Then I have attached four wheels to top of the nightstands and I turned everything upside down.

It wasn’t my initial plan, but I had to remove one shelf. The unit would be too deep otherwise and it would be hard to reach items in the back.

Now we have a mobile storage that nicely fits under Bjorkudden table, matches its nice wood pattern and has two level shelves for items of different height.

~ Maciej Witkowiak, Poznan, Poland

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4 Responses to Rast Nightstand Mobile Kitchen Storage

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    and what is the cloth on top of the rast? the lacey thing?

  3. its good because now its easy to made a mobile kitchen for me. I will try it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great idea. I’m a big fan of Rast night tables. They are so useful especially for non-permanent needs. I have 8 of then in my place, non used as bedside tables. Maybe we should have a “Who has the most Rast-ful home?” competition!

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