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Published on November 26th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


[A.C-DC Project] Arcad Compil DreamCast

Materials: Ramvik

Description: Who has not ever dreamed to have an arcade machine at home?
Dream of all men.

When I was ten, in video game rooms, it was necessary to pay 5francs (almost 1$) to play and I didn’t have a lot of pocket money.

Now, I decided to build my own arcade machine, with a Dreamcast (SEGA). On this, you can play Neogeo games (Puzzle bubble, Metal Slug, King of Fighter, etc, etc…), Super Nintendo games (DonkeyKong, Tetris, Mario, PacMan)

Step one: Cut the table with worked, moderate and thought measures, To be able to incorporate TV, the joysticks and electronic (speakers & co).

I have disassembled the television, to remove the hull.

I have only the electronics and the paving stone.

I cut the main board to incorporate the screen.

When all the cuts were made, I have everything repaints in black and I varnished.

To bring out joyticks, I created two small doors with hinges.

And now with my arcade table, I can play (with friends) to old school games!

See more of the Arcade coffee table. (in french)

~ Mikael, Marseille, France

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4 Responses to [A.C-DC Project] Arcad Compil DreamCast

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only thing I would improve: Paint the insides of the doors that cover the arcade sticks!
    Just for intreset: Do you use an SD-Card Mod on the Dreamcast or do you play the games from disc, if from disc: How do you switch the discs? It looks like the Dreamcast is hidden under the screen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im am so fan of this hack! I was wondering myself of something similar (i’m an old school gamer too)… I’m very fond of your work. If i may, i’d prefer to have the display tilted at 45° towards the player, but it is only a personal choice…

    Beau boulot!

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