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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Cat litter box in a living room, why not?

Materials: FAKTUM Wall cabinet, HÄRLIG Door, INTEGRAL Hinge, spruce lath, & CAT flap

Description: We live in a small cozy apartment and we figured out how to have and also discretely hide a cat litter box in a living room.

At IKEA we bought FAKTUM Wall cabinet size 40x92cm, HA„RLIG Door 50x92cm, and INTEGRAL Hinge 125 degrees.

At local Bauhaus (wood handy shop) we bought a spruce LATHS 3x (40x5x5cm), and at local pet shop a CAT flap.

Before assembling the FAKTUM cabinet, take one side of the cabinet, and cut a appropriate hole for the cat flap.

Since we wanted that a cover door would be a little over the cabinet, we took the HA„RLIG Door to the local joiner, where he cut them and burned a new ABS edge tape on it, so they would be apx. 2cm over the cabinet.

Meanwhile color the spruce laths, let them dry, and then from inside mount them with nails, if necessary stick some felt floor savers.

~ Sebastian, Europe

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19 Responses to Cat litter box in a living room, why not?

  1. Sally says:

    I don’t know about the odor, but cats can see pretty well in the dark.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the best and cheapest idea i found on the internet. I finnaly found a solution..Thank you!

  3. Jenny Jen says:

    Use glow-in-the-dark stick-on stars and attach them all over in there. That should provide enough light. I’d definitely use a covered box, so litter won’t go everywhere and cleaning it everyday and adding a box of baking soda in the back there, would keep it as fresh as possible. Me thinks.

  4. Little Miss Know-it-all says:

    It could also depend what you feed your cat on as to how smelly the litter box might be…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Take a black light and look at your hack at nighttime, good luck cleaning the spritzels around the hack

  6. Eve says:

    I totally like the idea and how it’s done.
    I’d only change 2 things: turn the coated side of the back panel upside so it shows on the inside, then seal the small slits to make it waterproof.

    About the odour: I know a cat that leaves the most awfull smell, even if you clean the box on a daily basis (it’s ill but to old to be treated). She’d definitely need some ventilation to the box, but that does not mean every single kitty needs it.
    Same with open or closed litter boxes, it absolutely depends on the preferences of every individual cat.

    My cat used to scratch the walls after finishing it’s duty, so sisal (or a carpet tile) were a sensible addition to his litter box. Could be done here, too, if necessary.

  7. Leeann says:

    Looks nice! As someone who also had a hacked IKEA cat-box solution (tall BESTA serving double-duty as cat-poop-box holder and book/binder storage) going strong for a while now, I emphatically recommend covering the floors and some of the walls of your cabinet with some sort of wipe-able vinyl or heavy plastic with adhesive (you should be able to find this in Bauhaus)! Then you can wipe up any splatter or mess without worrying it will soak into the building material and warp it. Plus, when they inevitably tear it up, you can just peel the old stuff off and replace it. :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    No need for ventilation if you clean every day, or even every 2nd day.
    And as someone already said, cat’s are night animals and for sure they see better in the darkness.
    As far as I know , they also go to the litter-box at night. So should I then wake up, and turn the lights ON?

    Maybe I forgot to mention, that by assembling I have turn-in the opposite cabinet side (a small one), so that the screws are inside. Sebastian

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think it needs ventilation. We never had a covered litter box for our cats. Maybe cut a hole in the front or end and hang a curtain that can be easily removed and laundered. Or better yet, use some of that metal sheeting used to cover radiators. Some of that has nice modern pattern to it. I wouldn’t want to be that closed in when I’m going to the bathroom. Whew! ;) Neat idea though.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Come on people, how bad do you commentors know your pets? Cat’s are night animals and can see perfectly in the darkness!

    • NonnyMus says:

      It’s not about night vision, it’s about avoiding ambush. Many cats are reluctant to go into an enclosed area if they can’t clearly see what’s in it or can’t clearly see who’s coming in. It depends on the cat, of course, but having two exits and having clear lines of sight in any enclosure for cats is a good idea. Even having one exit and the impression of one (a window or a grate) usually works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cat’s cannot see in perfect darkness. They need some light to bounce off objects in order to see them. So the idea of needing some light is valid.
      That flap might be perfectly adequate in the daytime to bring in light, but what about at night?

  11. Wolf says:

    I can see the back (can see the mounting holes) tho wouldnt hold back any liquids. If the floor is like mine, its suitable for a bit of wetness if cleared up reasonably soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Heres an idea…adhere some vinyl floor tiles to the bottom and sides to waterproof the interior. I did this under my kitchen sink and it made a huge difference. :o )

  12. en annan says:

    I propose a litterbox with a lid/roof, to prevent spillage down onto the insides of the box. My cat used to fancy taking a leak standing up on occasion, thankfully a plastic lid took care of that.
    Perhaps a battery operated motion-sensor lamp/light can be fitted in there to light up the place (cheap enough to buy around here anyway)?

    Using the right kind of litter material takes care of some of the smell and more importantly – cleaning it out every day is by far the best recipe for minimizing the odour.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We keep our cat litter in the living room, also in a hacked piece of ikea furniture. Ours has a frosted glass door so we can’t see in, but the light gets in for them to see what they are doing. There is no odour if you clean the box each and every day, like you’re supposed to.

  14. Hangar Cat says:

    I’ve made one of these DIY cat boxes before, how do you keep the smell reigned in? I had a lot of challenges with that in the past.

  15. Sivyaleah says:

    Nice looking, but a few problems for the cat:

    1. Possibly too dark to see inside of. Hopefully the flap lets in enough light.
    2. I see no source of ventilation. It’s going to be “odorous” for the cat having the box contained that way as everything inside will be concentrated.
    3. I can’t tell if there is a bottom to the box. If not, there should be so that your floor doesn’t get ruined by the cat possibly missing the box.

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