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Published on September 3rd, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Lack Rack & Expedit Desktop

Materials: Expedit Desk/Bookcase, Lack Table x 2, Lack Shelf & Besta Legs.

Description: I needed to increase capacity of the Expedit desk to accommodate my stuff more efficiently & also raise the height of my reference monitors & at the same time build some sort of housing for my existing rack gear to go underneath the desk (previously stacked on top of an old Ikea storage box).

I found this site which made me realise the Lack table is a perfect fit for 19″ rack format equipment & a better alternative to the ‘Rast Rack’ in my case as some of my gear is over 400mm deep & quite heavy.

Total weight of the rack gear is around 25kg so I decided to get 2 Lack tables (Birch effect matches the Expedit), mount everything in an assembled table upside-down for stability & use the top from another table to form a box, on top of which I could then stand a turntable.

I fitted the mounting screws into the 2nd tabletop, drilled a hole in the ‘top’ of the upside down table legs & fitted the top like that. The rack gear was then fitted using wood-screws.

The LCD monitors are mounted to the back of the Expedit using a double vertical stand with Vesa mounts (I already had this) so I was limited to the maximum height of the lowest screen for the desktop shelf… I found that the Lack shelf (110cm width) not only matched the desk, finish-wise but also gave the correct height in combination with the Besta legs to raise the height of the reference monitors & accommodate the keyboard underneath.

I used the existing holes in the underside-rear of the shelf & drilled an additional two holes at the front corners which I then attached the legs to using the provided fitting ‘screw’ & some resin glue. I’ve also fitted an LED strip light to the front-underside of the shelf.

I’m very pleased with the overall finish & look & it was very cheap…£18.59 for the rack (I’ve retained the spare legs) & just under £25 for the shelf including light.

~ Winston Smith, Leeds

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9 Responses to Lack Rack & Expedit Desktop

  1. Thorne says:

    Nice job. I’m about to do something similar in white for my studio. I’m just curious though – apart from possibly the extra cost – why didn’t you just use the Lack side table, which has the same dimensions and is already a box with casters?

  2. Tom Trialanderror says:

    I wrote about this on my (german language) homerecording blog. Great idea!

  3. ChoiZ says:

    Too bad the right expedit (2×2) is too big of a cm. I also wanted to add a 2×2 expedit next to my expedit desktop.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are those ZIP drives?

  5. creddylad says:

    Looks great! Just curious about ventilation and heat issues?

    • Ventilation is absolutely fine…if I get around to making something similar for the PC tower, I’ll probably move the external drives into that to create a bit more space on top of the firewire interface which should help air-flow. Thankfully we live in a draughty victorian house.

  6. Unknown says:

    Nice and clean. Great job!

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