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Faktum cabinets double bed

Materials: 4 Faktum 60x60x79 base cabinets for sink (FA 163) and 2 Faktum base cabinets 80x60x79 for sink with 2 doors (FA 164)

Description: As I am living in a student spacebox and don’t have much space, I didn’t want to waste the space under my bed.

I have got a bed which is 120x200cm and decided to put my bed on a block of Faktum cabinets. I used 4 cabinets of 60cm wide and 60cm deep and 2 cabinets of 80cm wide and 60cm deep.

We screwed the 6 cabinets together with extra metal plates to keep the cabinets in place. The 3 cabinets in the back don’t have doors which makes it possible to reach those cabinets through the front cabinets. We didn’t use legs as they would make the block less stable.

I’m really happy with how this project turned out. My bed is really stable and I have lots of storage space!

- The slatted frame is also bought at IKEA but I can’t find it on the website anymore.

~ Cheyenne Oorebeek, Netherlands

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5 Responses to Faktum cabinets double bed

  1. Dana says:

    Any tips on where to find the slatted frame? Really like this idea!

  2. Cheyenne says:

    Haha hi guys, the block is very very stable so love-approved!

  3. Anonymous says:

    IS this … how shall I say … love-approved?

  4. This is perfect for a college dorm room!

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