Published on August 9th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Poang Armrest Extension

Materials: Poang, timber, Fret G clamps, chisel, timber stain

Description: I’m too lazy to hold my iPad :)

It’s basically a simple extension of Poang. Handy for the iPad, drinks, writing, etc. And I reckon it’s simple enough for everyone to make.

The most challenging part was to make the top flush, I chiselled two trenches for the G-clamps. Then painted the wood with polyurethane based oil stain.


PS: The iPad beanbag thingy is Belkin ViewLounge (optional).

See more of the Poang armrest extension.

~ Tony Rex, Melbourne, Australa

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Jules Yap

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20 Responses to Poang Armrest Extension

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait… Did you somehow get the Poang armrest to be level with the floor? I have Poangs and the armrests slope forward!

    • Tony Rex says:

      Yes mate, about five degrees downward to the front and just slightly more to the opposite when sat on, so it’s pretty much level. Cheers.

  2. majeral says:

    I feel that those who have been so nasty in their response should not be allowed to use ANONYMOUS. It is like a mugger beating you up from a mask.
    I do not have an iPad or the Poang chair. I do feel the idea was good. If you all feel YOU could do better then do so and sign your name

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous vs. your Blogger name and unavailable blogger profile? What’s the difference?

      And like the above “Anonymous” wrote: no derogatory names nor any personal attacks in the above comments, just a bit of criticism. Seems to me that’s reasonable.

      I personally think this is a good idea, BUT…the choice of thick pine and the oversized clamps make the whole thing look “esthetically challenged”.
      Also, I’d worry that loose clothes would catch in the long clamp parts while getting up…not a nice thought.

      A bit of same thickness birch plywood with U-shaped fasteners attached invisibly from below around the armrest might help this “hack” and would not require any holes in the Poang either.

      (The fasteners can easily be custom made by bending two flat metal strips into a U-shape so as to fit snugly around the arm rest, drill a hole or two into both ends and screw to the new plywood board from below.)

  3. Kolby says:

    Poang my butt!
    Looks like CAPTAINS! chair to me!
    Keep up the woodwork. :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, lighten up!
    None of the above comments use derogatory terms or are personal attacks.
    And Zosh’s comment hits a nail AND made me laugh.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure Tony knew that his probably temporary “hack” would spur a couple of testy comments. But so what?

      That said, it’s obviously a temporary “hack”, that can be removed at any time without leaving any marks.

      Hopefully this submission will inspire Poang owners to create their own improved versions of gadget stands.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The ikeahackers.net crowd never ceases to amaze me. I expect such juvenile “trolling” and negativity while I am online gaming, because it’s usually a bunch of spoiled kids with no manners.

    Now I see where these children’s parents are spending their time on the net.

  6. Станислав Иржигитов says:

    Простенько… но тем не менеее интересно, я так понимаю ключевая вещь СТРУБЦИНА

  7. Anonymous says:

    People are cranky here all the time. Nevermind I like ‘the hack’.

  8. Tony Rex says:

    Wow. Tough crowd :-)

  9. zosh says:

    Hello. Recently I did a rather nice hack, too. I clamped a work lamp to my Ikea desk. Where do I submit pictures?

  10. kike says:

    It’s really tatty and crackling.
    That poor ipad is crying for a better stand: Not pine, not clamps…

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s a nice idea, but it could have been done a bit better. Use a dremel/rotary tool with a sanding drum, or a bar file, to round out the trenches so the clamps would be flush against the chair arm as well.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think with the clamps it’s removable, so the POANG can return to the original.. It’s not exactly cheap chair should you change your mind. Of course you can always suit whatever high standard to yourself, but the idea is good because of its simplicity.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is not an IKEA hack. The only IKEA item here is the POANG chair and it hasn’t been modified in the slightest. You splimly clamped a wood plank to an IKEA chair.

    Now to make this idea aesthetically more pleasing you could have used a wood stain that would match the POANG chair, and replaced those ugly clamps by a length of steel U-channel that would be screwed flush on the underside of the board.

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