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Four Lack table base coffee table

Materials: Lack side tables, piece of Pragel, flower pot, glass top

Description: What I’ve tried with this hack is to copy a square coffee table that I’ve seen in shops but that is way too expensive for me (around 1.000 euro with the size and the glossy white finish I want). Its design is minimalist: a glass top resting on a wooden cube. The cube is placed in the center of a thick square 110×110 cm. board that acts as the table base.

I’ve used 4 Ikea LACK side tables for the base and screwed below a piece of PRAGEL counter top to reinforce the structure. This is the final result, with a total cost of around 250 euro.

These are the steps I followed to build the table:

Step 1
Bought 4 Ikea LACK side tables. I got the glossy version, that is three times more expensive than non-gloss, but even so they were cheap (13 euro each). I set the four boards of the tables forming a square and joined them with tape. Screwed them underneath in pairs with four small metal sheets. Warning: LACK tables are mostly hollow, so you have to ensure that screws go through not-hollow areas. Now I had a square base of 110×110 cms and 5 cm thick, ideal for the looks of the table.

Step 2
The original table is supported by four wheels, but I preferred a more stable approach for my base. So I glued below the base a piece of PRAGEL counter top table that I bought in the as-is Ikea section. This way, the LACK tables are 3.8 cm elevated from the floor, and strongly fixed together. I used general-purpose mounting adhesive and 4 screws to fix the LACKs to the counter top.

Step 3
Now I had to make the wooden cube. To keep proportions, the dimensions of the cube had to be around 25 cm. of side. So I bought in a DIY store (Leroy Merlin) this 26cms flower pot.

I filled the pot with wood pieces 25 cm. long, glueing them with mounting adhesive, to make the cube solid enough to support the weight of the glass.

Step 4
I attached the cube to the structure with mounting adhesive and 4 long screws going from below through the PRAGEL table top and the LACK tables, screwing into the cube’s inner wood.

Step 5
Now I turned the table to its final position, to glue the glass top to the cube. I ordered a 110×110 cm glass 1 cm. thick, with rounded corners. The cost was 135 euro, therefore the glass has been by far the most expensive part of this 250 euro hack. I used mounting adhesive specific for glass surfaces, mirrors and the like.

It took several days for the adhesive to dry out.

Step 6
To make the top embellisher (to hide the adhesive showing through the glass), I cut a square of thin wood 27 cms. on each side. I painted it glossy-white, and attached it to the glass with double sided tape.

Step 7
Final look of the table

Note: Initially, my plan was to order the glass with some holes in the center to be able to screw it to the cube, but the the guy from the glass shop advised against it saying that the holes would seriously weaken the glass.

Before starting to use the table, I wasn’t too sure about the stability, being the top glass just glued to the rest of the structure.

But now that we’ve been using it for a month (the normal use of a coffee table, placing drinks, some bowls with food, dishes, bottles…not too heavy stuff) I can tell that the glass hasn’t moved at all and so far it has worked fine.

~ Claudia G.

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29 Responses to Four Lack table base coffee table

  1. Abby S says:

    Tempered glass is probably the safest way to go when making a piece like this. That way if the glass does chip or break, it doesn’t produce sharp, dangerous shards of glass. Hope you haven’t had any accidents.

    Btw, Multiple holes drilled in the center area of the glass would weaken it. However the glass should have been fine with a single (slightly) larger hole in the Center. I think your alternate design looks great though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Genial, sólo espero que el lugar donde viven sea de tu propiedad por que mudar ese pedazo de mueble cuesta una fortuna, lo digo por experiencia propia, por lo menos acá en Estados Unidos te cobrarían fácil entre 120.00 a 180.00 dlrs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jopetas Jagg tanto se nos nota :-) )))))) Claudia.

  4. Jagg says:

    Que pedazo de mesa te ha quedado, me ha encantdado, lo mismo algún día te la copio.
    Como se nos nota a los españoles escribiendo ingles, nome ha hecho falta ni el traductor jejejej un abrazo.

  5. Anonymous says:


    I’ve been on this site before but I’m still pretty new to it. I had a quick question and it looks like you guys might know way more about it than me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    I bought a Tobo tv stand and liked everything about it — except I used the top drawer part to put my center channel speaker in. It fit perfectly, but the problem was it sounded like the speaker was too low in comparison to the other speakers (I did not use the legs that came with it — I had read about sagging issues with the legs on).

    So I bought 2 of the 43″ lack shelves and 8 of the 11.75 x 10.25 shelves. I used double-sided tape and affixed the longer shelves down the middle then 2 of the smaller shelves in each corner. I hope you can kind of picture it. I like how it looks, and the height works better now for my system. But I was really wondering if you think I have to worry about the shelves themselves being able to support the Tobo and tv etc? I estimate the weight of the Tobo and the tv and components etc to be around 220 lbs.

    I just affixed the shelves last night and put everything back on the tv stand and everything looked fine last night and this morning. I’m just kind of paranoid about it now.

    Thanks so much and sorry for the long post — I wasn’t sure where I should ask — please feel free to point me elsewhere.


  6. tm says:

    very nice, i like the way you reinforced the cube.

  7. Artemide says:

    Good things come in threes: Make an outdoor side table, coffee table, and serving table using one basic design. With these simple instructions, you can complete all three projects in a couple of days.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just hope you hand out shin/knee protectors to your guests, navigating around those sharp corners….
    I do agree with the above comment regarding proportion. The glass looks uncomfortably large on the cube.
    Otherwise love this hack.

  9. Antoninus says:

    Claudia, Amazing work. Only issue I’ll have being in Canada is finding that Flower Box. :(

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi all,
    I don’t think a glass this size can bend, as is 1 cm. thick.
    Regarding accidents, we haven’t had any so far (and I have two kids), anyway fingers crossed :-)
    I tried first to make the table by using a slightly bigger cube, and didn’t like the proportion, so I looked for a smaller cube until I found the pot. It was a pity I couldn’t use that bigger cube because it was a white garden lamp and it would have been lovely having a table with light built in!
    Thank you all for your nice comments.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ingenious and beautiful!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it true that glass behaves somewhat like a liquid, and will bend with gravity? Like you can set a pane of glass on 2 ends of sawhorses, and the glass will eventually bend in the middle? I wonder if that could happen here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love this look, but I think the glass top is oversized in relation to the box holding it.

  14. Michelle says:

    Fab idea! Love you space!

  15. majeral says:

    wow you did a wonderful job. look very $$$$ and very professional

  16. Antoninus says:

    Now that….is amazing!

  17. jules says:

    beautifully done! i love how it all looks like it’s suspended in the air, since you used the countertop piece on the bottom to raise it up. nice wallpaper, too :)

  18. Sing says:

    This looks very high-end, nice job.

  19. Looks beautiful, but also seems like a terrible accident just waiting to happen

  20. marox79 says:

    Te ha quedado de lujo, o mejor dicho, de diseño.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Great work! Beautiful result and very well written for others to make their own coffee table.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Looks great! Well done!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous. I hate glass furniture but this one is spectacular. I’d buy this in a second.

  24. Anonymous says:

    jak, ooofuuull

  25. Anonymous says:

    Very classy! Cleverly done too. Kudos!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Really nice job and well designed! If only I never had kids!

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