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Grow with these ideas

Materials: transparent Samla box 53x37x12, peat rich in organic matter, vegetable seedlings

Description: Do you want to grow your own fresh salad in your balcony? It’s much more simple than you thought. You just need ground and seedlings!

Fill the samla box with soil, plant the seedlings and water well! In a month your lettuce and fresh onions are ready to eat! Have fun and bon appetite!
See more of the Samla planter.

~ Emilia Rodopoulou, Thessaloniki, Greece

Applaro Garden Planter Box

Materials: Ikea Applaro Storage Bench, Staple gun, Black 3.5mil or higher plastic

Description: Put the Applaro storage bench together.

You can also use the larger one (the one with wheels if you need more space).

Lay in the black plastic sheeting (Got in the paint section of home depot, essentially a drop cloth). Staple down to insides of storage bench. Poke drainage holes on the bottom.

Add dirt and plants and you’re finished. I’m currently using the lids as floor mats in the house.

If you are worried about the weather beating this up, you can add varnish to the wood which Ikea I think sells as well.

~ Robert Evans, San Francisco, CA

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8 Responses to Grow with these ideas

  1. really_bad_idea says:

    Agree with Joachim… this is a REALLY bad idea.. you don’t want your food gaining any leaching from the plastic..bag or bin. You should really line the box with burlap/… but instead of all this, just buy grow bags and use those… cheap and easy to do. this is just not healthy!

  2. Eduardo Ballesteros says:

    Thanks for your tip!

    I’m interested to do 4 planter box with the Applaro boxes but I’m not sure if is a good idea to plant little trees in my terrace…

    How is your box after a year?

    Have a good time!

  3. Joachim says:

    Are you sure that this plastic will not give away any poison in the earth? To grow yourself frehs salad with Bisphenol A (or other things in plastic) could be a very bad idea…

  4. Thank you for the feedback!
    I had no problem with the drainage. You just have to water less (that’s good!).
    I use them almost three years outdoors. Fortunately, no problem until now!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Samla box does not last long outdoors. I used a couple of transparent samla boxes outdoors. Plastic became brittle after a year and needed replacement.

  6. You really want to drill some drainage holes into the Samla, though. Or at least add some drainage layer – eg. clay pebbles at the bottom.

  7. Ida says:

    Great idea! I will without any doubt try this.

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