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Bedroom light and flower stand from LACK

LACK table, spotlights, switch, cable, idea :)

Description: We wanted a table next to our bed but at the same time we didn’t like the lamp standing on the table and we wanted to have a flower on it as well.

1. Drill two holes in the size of the spotlights. Be careful the table is paper inside so you need a bracket to screw underneath in order to hold the spotlights.
2. The pot should be conical and the diameter of the hole should be smaller than the top of the pot. Otherwise it will fall through the hole.
3. We used a double switch so the 2 lights can be switched independently but it is not mandatory.

~ Kriszta & Geri, Netherlands

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4 Responses to Bedroom light and flower stand from LACK

  1. jo says:

    i have a diagonal bedroom too!!!
    and your idea is nice and useful.
    if you want another advice, choose a plant that can regenerate air during the night

  2. Moontree says:

    I’d be concerned, too. Make sure your pillows and blankets don’t get pushed up into that corner, and keep that table clear and well-dusted. Here in the US all “torch” style halogen lamps have screens or grates over them because the bulbs are a fire hazard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Try using a LED pin light, the halogen type will burn you in secs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t that type of spotlight generate a lot of heat? If so, I’m guessing that would not be something you’d want to accidentally touch after it’s been on… come to think of it.. you might want to see how hot it gets… cardboard and intense heat are not a good combination.

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