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Smile … you’re on KNAPPA camera!

IKEA is shaking things up, again. Hot on the announcement of its new line of integrated home entertainment, Uppleva, the big blue & yellow is revealing an unexpected item – a cardboard digital camera! Well, we’ve had a camera hacked before but the Knappa is an entirely different thing. The camera is released as part of its new PS line, due to hit stores late 2012.

Rumour has it that the Knappa will be given away to people who buy the new PS line. IKEA hopes they will  then take photos of the PS line in their homes and share the images on Ikea’s website, to stir up serious home envy. Clever marketing, I must say! Now, back to the cam. It is extremely basic, with manual zoom and image stabilizer (as you can see from the video). It is made out of an integrated camera module, memory, USB port, two AAA batteries, all sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard. At one time, you can snap about 40 pictures. Just don’t take it to the beach.

The bummer is, the Knappa will only be offered in select stores worldwide. I know it’s a slick marketing gimmick but oh, what a cute one. I am smiling and ready for a Knappa.

Only LACK to hack
Make your LACK table a monochrome unicum

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10 Responses to Smile … you’re on KNAPPA camera!

  1. Nate Matos says:

    Does anyone have one of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How fun! Unfortunately for poor Jesper, he just isn’t as cute as the Uppleva lady :-)

    Very good though, I want one, or maybe 10 so I don’t care if it breaks

  3. Petra says:

    This is really retro — pinhole camera, with batteries! I love the manual zoom (moving camera forward) and image stabilization (steadying it against the back of the chair). Except the joke might be on IKEA — I wonder how many customers will be angry when they find out those aren’t built in? I recently talked to a Pier 1 associate who said they had customers who were really irate when they found out that the pieces in the store didn’t actually speak (as they do in the commercials), so there must be a lot of literalists out there!

  4. francesca says:

    I have one kappa because I was in milan at the Ikea event… i ‘ll tell you…

  5. Daniel says:

    Hey just to let you know, I think zoom and image stabilization were a joke (that’s why the lady is moving the camera back and forward to zoom, and resting it on a chair to stabilize!)
    Or maybe this whole thing is a joke!
    It’s cool though.

    • Jules says:

      Yes Daniel I do know the zoom and stabilizer is a joke. IKEA ads or vids always do poke fun at themselves. :)

    • paramedic says:

      Real clever, that Daniel ! Duh !!! Not everything is worth sharing, even in this time of social networks. Advice: do bite your tongue one in a while, it if hurts, it will only make you stronger !

      As for the camera, I find it real clever, but it depends of the price. If Ikea finds it popular, they should really bump the resolution to 2 mb: 1.3 mb is so 2011 !

    • Anonymous says:

      so 2000? had a sony digital cam 2.1mp back in 2002, but for a recyclable camera its very good that its not better, i might say!

  6. Moontree says:

    Camera is super cool, I want one and predict people will be selling them off on ebay.

    On another note, couldn’t Mr. Kouthooft at least maybe comb his hair before making a video?

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