Published on April 20th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Shelves on the floor make a TV stand

Materials: EKBY Shelves, Metal saw, Drill, Screw Driver

Description: I had one of the cheap and low to the ground KLUBBO coffee tables, and want a very simple TV stand to match .

There was nothing in the IKEA range at the time that was short enough, shallow enough and elegant enough, but had an idea to make my own. I think the results look great, and I loved how the top of the TV matched in height as well.

1) Get two EKBY Shelves and 4 IKEA wall mounting brackets that are a full rectangle (the triangular or L-shaped won’t work).

2) Drill two holes in the long edge of the brackets that don’t have holes already (one side will already) in two of the brackets. Don’t make them line up with the existing holes, as you’re going to be mounting screws from both sides on one shelf, and you don’t want the screws to hit.

3) Cut the other two of the brackets in half length ways, leaving the long side that have screws in them.

4) Sand down the rough cut edges and add some rubber of felt pads to not scratch the floor.

5) Mount the brackets to the shelves using the drilled holes. You might need a small or right angled screwdriver when reaching in between the two shelves.

6) You’re done!

~ James Low, Hong Kong

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6 Responses to Shelves on the floor make a TV stand

  1. Anonymous says:

    The brackets are Slinga – not currently available though.

  2. @Mschreiber Right now they don’t have those brackets in their line up, but they’ll come back at some point, most ikea things normally do.

    @Anonymous You could do it without using more brackets as feet, but I liked the style of it with feet, and it made the TV the same height as the speakers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t this work without step 3?

  4. Suzanne says:

    Oo, good idea. I bought a TV stand from Ikea recently and luckily it juuuust fit in the space we had planned for it – if it had been too big I might have had to have done this (although to be fair, I probably would never have thought of it!)

  5. Mschreiber says:

    Which IKEA wall mounting brackets are these?

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