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Custom walk-in Pax closet

Materials: two 19 5/8″x13 3/4″ Pax units, one 39 1/4″x13 3/4″ Pax units, two 13 3/4″ deep Pax corner units, Antonious laundry bag with stand and casters, Garnityr boxes, 2-pack of Komplement hooks, two Komplement 13 3/4″pants hangers, four Komplement 18 1/8″ wire baskets, two Komplement 19 5/8″ shoe racks, two Komplement 37 3/4″shoe racks, one Komplement 37 7/8″ clothes rail, one Komplement 18 1/8″ clothes rail, two Tjusig racks

My walk-in closet was ugly, underutilized the space, and was too shallow, small, and oddly shaped for any expensive pre-made walk-in closet solution to work well (Elfa, ClosetMaid, Closet Factory, Allen + Roth (Lowes), etc.). I decided to use Ikea wardrobes instead.

I used the 13 3/4″ deep Ikea Pax wardrobes, and just didn’t buy the doors. Two fit my space, I needed two shallow corner, two 19 5/8″, and one 39 1/4″ wardrobes.

Ikea doesn’t sell standard clothing rails for the shallower versions of the 19 5/8″ and 39 1/4″ wardrobes. Instead, they sell these odd rails that don’t allow you to slide a hanger all the way from one side to the other. Instead, I bought the clothing rails for the full-depth wardrobes (one for the 19 5/8″ wardrobe, and one for the 39 1/4″ wardrobe). I drilled holes for them in the wardrobe sides and they work perfectly.

To fit the space, I shortened one of the 19 5/8″ wide units to 15″ (the one on the back wall) by sawing a few inches off the horizontal pieces and drilling new holes for the screws and wooden dowels. I added two Tjusig racks to the back of the closet door for more space.

The only non-Ikea hack I have is on the small wall next to the door, where I attached a $4 non-Ikea mirror with cabinet hinges so that I could swing it out when needed, but otherwise isn’t in the way.

~ Nikki, Pasadena, CA

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8 Responses to Custom walk-in Pax closet

  1. Tanya Kasper says:

    for the corner unit, what is the width of the opening?

  2. Hanyaz says:

    Great modification. I’ve just bought a Pax Corner Unit from Ikea UK, but realised it only comes with 1 adjustable shelf. Do you know if there a way I can get a couple more? Do they sell separately, or would I have to make one myself? Thanks!

  3. Juan says:

    How easy was it to cut and modify the units?

  4. JB says:

    I see that you have your dimensions of your closet, but what is the length, width, height? Thanks!

  5. excalibur says:


    That looks amazing. from your picture, I am curious. Is that a closet in 3000 bathurst street?

  6. Magda says:

    Well clever idea about buying standard rail. I love the way it all came together. Im doing setup with the door for my bedroom and just wondering should I get corner piece, not quite sure will it actually save me space or not. I cant find anywhere how long is this rail in corner piece? Seems like in standard Im buying 2 shelves and 2 rails, but no idea how long. Could you help?

  7. nikki says:

    Hi! I’d love to see how you did your modification. My odd closet dimensions are :
    68.5 inches x 74.875 inches x 49.375 inches

  8. EetuB says:


    I just made a pax modification to our walk in closet as well. I’m interested to know the dimensions of your closet, could you share them with me?

    Eetu from Finland

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