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Beachside Melltorp

Materials: Melltorp Dining Table and solid timber recycled door

Description: In our very first apartment, we lived in a tiny one bedroom unit which you could not swing a cat in. Although I was not blown away the Melltorp table, it was clean, small and fit the space.

Since we moved to our much bigger apartment by the sea, the tiny Melltorp simply did not cut it. I love recycled building materials and there is a warehouse near me which I spend hours in, just looking around. One day I came across this dusty, old, very heavy, white lead painted door. I instantly thought this would be an awesome table top for our new apartment.

A quick measurement of the Melltorps frame and the door itself, I purchased it that day. I took it home to the garage and spent the next couple of days sanding it back to clean it up and expose some of the timber, then a coat of Matt Poly Lacquer.

The assembly itself was quite easy. The Melltorp table top is held onto the frame by 8 screws, with plastic spacers between the frame and the table top. It was as easy as taking the old top off, centering the door and screwing it on! I kept the spacers as I quite liked the gap that was left between the door and frame, as if it were floating. Another 2 chairs to purchase and it has gone from a small four seater to a generous 6 seater.

There you have it! My shabby, beachy, Melltorp dining table!

~ Adam Chuck, Sydney, Australia

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9 Responses to Beachside Melltorp

  1. Trudie says:

    Nice! You did a very nice job by using this old door. It’s beautiful! I love recycling old stuff too, check it out over here…http://trudie83.blogspot.com/2011/06/dining.html

  2. Anonymous says:

    where are the chairs from?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “white lead painted door.”

    lead paint near food? seems like a bad idea to me

  4. Well, i would love to place this table in my patio to recall the time i spent at beach.

    ~Aansy Stone

  5. Anonymous says:

    beautiful! and it is beautiful because it is worn out! bravo

  6. jo says:

    what do you mean with “swinging a cat in”? i don’t think cats need to be swung to sleep…. ;-)

    and by the way, the idea is great for a home with a patio by the sea. you’re lucky

  7. stephen says:

    Well, I did not realize at first what you use for Dining Table then i take a look and lol, you are using a worn out door. Concept is great, i would appreciate, if the door were in good shape. However, great concept though.

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