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Hacker Help: LACK o’ Dining

Materials: 2-3 LACK side tables, ikea table legs

Description: I am trying to hack 2 or 3 lack side tables into bar height bistro tables.

I want to buy a peice of wood to ensure all lack table tops stay together and then install the legs. Kinda of like a small mid beam to go on the bottom of the table tops to keep them together and steady.

I’ve seen some hacks on the site but not many that really speak to what I would like to do specifically. The table would help seat 4 people rather than 2. The only table I have seen that its close to what I would like to do is pictured below from a 2008 hack. Luckily they found a billsta bar leg but I have not been as lucky and ikea does not sell the leg on its own.

Any suggestions on which legs would be best to purchase would be great! or even suggestion on building the table since the type of material lacks are made of is questionable when you start to screw or nail into them.

~ Jali, NYC

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5 Responses to Hacker Help: LACK o’ Dining

  1. Bruno says:

    I want to do something similar, so I’m thinking about buying a numerar countertop and two utby legs. One of the long sides will be screwed in to the wall of the kitchen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a place that sells table legs. http://tablelegsonline.com/Bar_height_table_legs-L2.htm

  3. Anonymous says:

    i’d be cautious using the LACK tabletop, if the users of the bistro table would be likely to lean on it. Metal plating that extended to the tabletop corners would be fairly easy to find, and provide stability without massive weight. Maybe an “X” configuration, like the bottom of the leg shown in the illustration? As has been pointed out, the interior of the LACK tablettop is mostly hollow, filled with paper fiber. Just a concern, and I think it’s a great idea! Like the look of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You could use the legs as the stem with some “no more nails”?

  5. Anonymous says:

    maybe some heavy duty steel mending plates to attach the lacks together?

    the first few inches around the perimeter of the lack tabletop is all solid wood, so you’ll have something to screw into.

    The other thing you could do is carve out a notch in the bottom of the lacks and place a real piece of wood along the whole length of the pieces that you can screw/glue in. Most of the lacks are hollow, so i don’t think it would be that difficult to carve out enough room for one or two 2×4′s to insert along the length.

    Although for that amount of work, it might be just as easy to just get a new tabletop that’s contiguous at Ikea.

    hope that helps

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