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Dining and Homework Center

Materials: NUMERÄR Countertop, AKURUM Wall, STÅT drawer and doors

Description: Two shallow drawer cabinets were installed along the wall set the width of the counter apart. A larger counter top was purchased than needed and cut to the length and width needed for the space. The extra counter pieces leftover were cut to fit on top of the drawer cabinets. They pieces were put into place and the table top was put on the wall with 2 L brackets and 4 legs. The remaining wall units were placed on top across all the table surfaces. The result is a custom looking built in unit that provides seating, great storage and a place to prepare food.

~ Ruth, Bay Area, CA

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10 Responses to Dining and Homework Center

  1. Love the idea of a homework centre. Having that storage right at the table is genius.

  2. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    All very nicely done!

  3. ikeakitchendesignonline.net says:

    Are the shallow drawer cabinets Akurum cabinets that you modified the depth to or where these purchased separately (Akurum bases are 24″ 5/8)?

    The look is flawless! Nice job

  4. Ben Moore colors. I can’t remember them as this job was done 3 years ago. Ceiling is a deeper green color than the walls.

  5. What is the color on the walls and ceiling?????

  6. They sell shallow Akurum lower cabinets that are shallow. As you can see there is even a toe kick.

    • Ikea Kitchen Design Online says:

      Please disregard the previous response. I was confused. There are in fact some 12 7/8″ deep cabinets. My bad :$

    • Ikea Kitchen Design Online says:

      In our experience they are 24″ 5/8 only, however modifying them is rather easy and the toe base would be adjusted likewise (gets a bit complex for trimming the drawers though). Any ideas as for how deep these are?

  7. I love the simplicity of the kitchen. It is light and airy and dramatic in the same breathe. #LIKE

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