Billy sideboard

Published on March 3rd, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Billy Sideboard

Materials: Billy, Applad cabinet doors, shelves and Capita legs

Description: I used to live in a small apartment and needed a discreet storage in my living room. Many sideboard is pretty deep and a high bookcase can steal some of the space instead.

I solved this problem thanks to Billy, Applad kitchen cabinet doors, shelves * and Capita legs.

Quite simply, I took two tall Billy bookcases (one 80 cm and one 60 cm) which I placed lying on their side and mounted Capita legs. The shelves I used as side walls and added Applad kitchen cabinets that I sawed to the correct height from the bottom. I also added shelves inside.

Bought separate shelves that I used as countertop and since the room was about 40 cm longer than the two Billy bookcases, I let the shelves go all the way from wall to wall, creating a small open space.

The result was a neat and spacious storage cabinet and sideboard at a good price!

* I bought the shelves separately from a cheap Ikea shelf that I can not remember the name of that IKEA no longer sells. But I can imagine that there are similar today, and the choice of color is certainly widely based on what you want. Same as cabinets or contrast.

~ Elina Shaw, Stockholm, Sweden

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11 Responses to Billy Sideboard

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I sold the apartment and left the sideboard. // Elina

  2. Steffy says:


    could you please put some photos of the sideboard with doors open and some close shots of the winge connection

    thank you very much in advance

  3. Anonymous says:

    I started from doors that are 50 cm wide and 70 respectively. 92 cm high. The dimensions worked great!
    I am a little unsure if the dimensions of the doors is a bit different in different countries???
    You can however choose for yourself how you want the division. Billy shelves is if I remember correctly, 202 cm high = 79 1/2 “and then you can choose from the gaps different widths. If you place the cabinet to a corner allows you to cut the back edge without showing so much. // Elina

  4. Anonymous says:

    Could you please tell us which Applad doors you used (sizes)?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have no more pictures from the construction process, unfortunately.
    But will try to explain.
    When the sides or top of my lying Billy were hidden of separate shelves / countertops, I just screwed the shelves, which would become the side walls from the outside. Drilled hole for attaching shelves inside, as usual billy shelves.
    Started from 50 cm wide kitchen cabinets and put them on just like regular kitchen cabinets doors, had to drill new holes for the lower hinges as I cut the doors in height. But I did exactly the same.

    I am convinced that you can do hacks like this with other shelves / cabinets. And with sliding doors, the result is probably even neater. You just make sure to choose countertop that has the depth that you desire. If you have sliding doors, I can imagine that one often lies further out than the other and then maybe you want the countertop extends over both of them.

    // Elina

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes vert Nice! I have the same pbl with other’s cabinet depth. Considering to do the same hack. Do you think there is a possibility to do it With intégra/applad sliding doors?

  7. Fede says:

    Yes, it would be great to have a visual explanation of the steps! I would love to be able to make something similar.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Beautiful!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love this. Everything is so neat and clean. I only wish my apartment could look that nice and have so much stuff hidden.

    Do you have any more pictures of the inside of the cabinets. Showing how you attached the doors and extra shelves?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to live in that flat! Well done!

  11. Anonymous says:

    very clean a cool! do you have more images of the process?
    your sideboard is very nice.

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