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Published on February 12th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


NUMERAR Loudspeakers

DIY Open Baffle speakers

Materials: NUMERAR Oak countertop

Description: This loudspeaker is simply made of NUMERAR countertops 126 x 62 cm with 38 mm thickness.

My speakers were cut with a CNC router. It is also possible to make it with a hand held router. The stand is fixed with screws. They are 55 cm on the widest and 120 cm high.

DIY Open Baffle speakers
DIY Open Baffle speakers

The concept is Open Baffle loudspeakers. It has no box. And that’s the genius. Almost all loudspeakers have more or less a “boxy sound”. Even those who cost +10.000$. An open baffle gives an open sound. Very open. The downside is that you need at least twice as big woofers to achieve the same amount of bass. They deliver bass down to 35-40hz, not like a subwoofer, but still with punch and slam that few other speakers can compete with.

This is not so common in the commercial market. Some manufacturers have products like this and they are very expensive. For example, Jamo.

The drivers is from Eminence and Tang Band. You also need to design a crossover.

As a hifi freak i am very satisfied with this solution. 3 pcs of IKEA NUMERAR countertops. High quality bass, midrange and tweeter drivers. A diy crossover. And voila, app 1700$ in parts and I got 95% of the sound of a 17.000$ speaker (compared to Norwegian prices)

~ Hans Erik Lian, Oslo, Norway

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17 Responses to NUMERAR Loudspeakers

  1. Sid says:

    Have you plugged your guitar into them and if you did , how does it sound?

  2. Martin says:

    I think that the Tang Band Ribbon tweeter are no longer produced. Can you recommend another

  3. Martin Andersen says:

    Why not use miniDSP for the crossover?

  4. Greg Edwards says:

    Hello Hans,

    Thanks for sharing your OB speaker design. I went to the link that you had referenced in your note above but it is not in English. I am interested in the two bass driver woofer edition of your speaker. Can you please share the dimensions of the speaker and the crossover design for the speaker. Also, I was unable to find the Tang Band Ribbon tweeter available for purchase. It appears to be no longer available. Can you recommend an alternative to the Tang Band Ribbon tweeter you used? Again, thanks for sharing your OB design. Thanks for your help.

  5. Peter Breems says:

    Hallo Hans,
    I was reading your article about your 3-way open baffle and I am currious about the lay-out of the cross over.
    At the moment I am allso building a 3-way OB, but de design of the cross-over is not jet ready.
    pls send me a copy of the lay-out, so I can compare your data with my data.

    best regards

  6. Hans Erik says:

    In this thread you can see specs of the drivers and measure of the baffle: http://www.hifisentralen.no/forumet/diy-og-utvikling-ha-yttalere-forsterkere-etc/55401-ob-prosjekt-2-x-eminence-15-tang-band-8-fulltone-og-ba-nddiskant.html

    Regarding the filter you must have a “space” between the high and low pass. The reason is that the open baffle makes a peak. Usually up to one octave is ok.

    F ex low pass for the bass 100 hz and high pass for the tweeter 200 hz. A simple 12 db Linkwitz Riley filter is sufficient.
    For more Q you can email me at “hel at relekta dot no”

  7. Don Donn says:

    Hi, same here, could you drop details here: [email protected]
    Thanks a lot

  8. Don Donn says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. zicdave says:

    Hi. This looks beautiful. Could I have the details by email please? [email protected]

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can you provide more information about speakers and crossover? And does baffle shape makes difference for the sound quality?

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    For å dra det hele litt lenger synes jeg du skulle fått en som er flink til med utskjæringer til å gjøre noe kreativt med platene.. Ble nesten litt for enkle vel?

    Sett bort fra det skulle jeg gjerne likt å høre dem!

  13. WF says:

    A nice work! I like your woodworking.
    For an open baffle deaign, is the baffle too small to produce deep bass?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Could you tell us about the woofers and tweeters? Who made them? etc. Very nice indeed.

  15. Hans says:

    Groovy look. I Like it

  16. Anonymous says:

    Fantastisk med høytalere som ikke bare har bra lyd, men som også ser bra ut, det er ikke ofte jeg ser. Bra jobba! Caroline

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