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Kid’s study room

Kid's study room

Materials: LAGAN Countertop, beech

Description: I needed to put a study table in a narrow room that we recently added so it had to be custom made.

Since 90% of our home is made from IKEA :) I decided to use a Lagan kitchen counter top as a school table. Not only was it inexpensive but the hardwood finish is beautiful to look at.

Kid's study room
Kid's study room

A comparable wood piece at Home Depot would have been very expensive and not as good looking.

I cut the Lagan counter top almost in half. Trimmed off about 1 inch from the sides which I used as a brace underneath running across the studs.

I also used triangle brackets to hold up the table underneath.

It is sturdy but any heavy pushing on the edge could bring it down. So far my 3 boys haven’t broken it yet.

The flooring is TUNDRA maple effect and the cabinets are AKURUM Wall cabinet

This room is 99% IKEA made.

~ Mark, SoCal

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10 Responses to Kid’s study room

  1. Chloe says:

    Are those brackets also from Ikea?

  2. Anonymous says:

    can u show me the underneath how does it looks like?

  3. Rosa G says:

    ooh, i like this. I am actually looking to do something similar for my kitchen, where i have this small section with baseboard heating (so can’t put in bottom cabinets,while I still want the countertop space.) I imagine i’ll need heavy duty brackets of some kind…. hmm..

    • ~ Mark, SoCal says:

      Yes, I found very heavy duty triangle brackets.
      Also the extra long piece of table top went along the wall as a long bracket same length as the table. This was bolted into the studs, so this relieves so of the downward force.

  4. AZKay says:

    What did you use for the cabinets above the countertop/table?

  5. kallekenkel says:

    lol I asw the Dyson on the picture and thought: “I’m sure there’s at least 1 comment on the vacuum cleaner”. Thanks for proving me right ;D

    Legs would take away from the nice, clean look.. so just tell them not to climb the desk ;)

    Nice job, really enjoy the clean look!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    the 1% being dyson right LOLOL ..

  7. Anonymous says:

    add a leg/s is u want sturdier ..

    • ~ Mark, SoCal says:

      It is sturdy as long as you don’t stand on it.
      I felt legs would mess up the look and prevent storage.
      So far my wife and kids have piled tons of books, papers, printer and monitor. It is holding up very nicely.

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